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How many calories do you expel by throwing up?

I know many people will assume bulimia is an issue here but please do not misunderstand: I am keeping strict account of my calorie intake. Something I ate today (some new protein powder) caused me to be sick today and I’m wondering if i should record the calories or not. Any insight is helpful. Lectures are not.
Addition: Hey guys I wanna thank you for your responses. Basically I think that I’ve decided to just record calories as though I never got sick. My main concern was that this would put me below my target calories for the day and I would go into that “starvation mode” that everyone talks about so much. I’m pretty new to dieting now so I just wanna do it right. Hopefully this one time issue won’t affect it too much, but thanks so much for your open minds. ^_^

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4 Responses to “How many calories do you expel by throwing up?”

  1. doofygy1987 said :

    if counting calories, basicly you have to forget today, use it as a cheat day because there will be no accurate representation of your intake

  2. Anthony said :

    Yes, record the calories and carry on. Don’t get that technical. We don’t subtract the amount of dookie we make, so throwing up would be in the same vein.

  3. Kourtney M said :

    I understand you are concerned about whether or not you lost any calories, but the important thing that you should be concerned about is being hydrated. Drinking water and gatorade will help with that.

  4. Bethany Morgan said :

    Well the moment food touches your mouth, it starts to digest but at the same time it digest all of it. So you lose some you gained some. All in all one day is not really going to do anything because it’s only a one time thing.


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