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How many calories are in a mixed berry parfait?

I have this simply-to-go brand ‘mixed berry parfait’ from my cafeteria for lunch sometimes. Does anyone know how many calories does it contain, because sometimes it feels a little heavy.

It contains low fat yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, some almonds and granola. It doesn’t say anything about calories or serving amount.

I think its a 14 ounce container, although i am not sure as it doesn’t say anything ont he label. How many calories do you think it has? Thanks for all answers in advance!

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One Response to “How many calories are in a mixed berry parfait?”

  1. Jane said :

    According to the information I found, 14 ounces of strawberry and blueberry with granola parfait would have about 380 calories. However I doubt that the container would contain 14 ounces as I don’t think parfait containers come larger than 12 ounces. In that case a 12 ounce container would contain about 326 calories.

    Sorry to disappoint you but the impression that it is a little heavy is probably correct. The parfait you are having probably contains more calories than a regular McDonalds burger which contains about 250 to 280 calories.


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