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How is the best way to start road running?

I am rubbish at running, never seem to be able to last for more than about 3-5 minutes…. pathetic I know. I am not overweight or unfit, in fact I go to the gym 4-5 times a week and am an ideal size 12 for my 5ft 8″ frame. I can walk very fast on the treadmill at the gym for 25 minutes on the highest uphill incline so I know I am not unfit so how come I get out of breath after a few minutes running on the road, what am I doing wrong? My boyfriend is an avid runner and I would love to go out running with him eventually and he runs 7 – 15 miles each day.

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3 Responses to “How is the best way to start road running?”

  1. nooneisrealyhere said :

    Try that schedule. it should get you able to run 5km or 30min. then after that there is another schedule to start training for 10km.

  2. Placebo said :

    Hey I was waiting for a question like this. Great question. First of all well done for your general level of fitness and your weight is perfect for your height etc.

    Don’t feel bad about turning all shades of purple cos you can’t run very far (yet). Running is quite like no other exercise! you probably breeze through aerobics or a studio bike class but are thinking, why does running kill me off in 5 minutes?? Am I right?

    First things first, and your boyfriend will back me up on this, get a gait assessment and get proper running shoes. An assessment of your gait will determine whether you pronate and save you trouble with your joints etc in the long term. You can have a gait assessment done at most good running shops. Then get advice on whether you need a neutral, stability or motion control shoe. Get something with good cushioning as there’s a lot of impact with road running. I love Asics, or Mizuno.

    Then get off the treadmill! On the road you need both upward and forward propulsion. The tready does half of that for you. Its also easier to manage your pace on the road as a beginner. Start with a run-walk-run programme. One minute on one minute off. That’s not being pathetic, that’s how you build your endurance. As you get more comfortable it’ll be 2 minutes on 1 minute off etc. Soon you’ll be able to run 10 minutes without stopping and then you just build it gently from there. And don’t set off too fast or you’ll wear yourself out too soon. No need to be Penelope Pitstop.

    Check out the beginners section at
    They’ve got great training plans. Also pop into the forum and say hello. Running peeps are such friendly and accommodating folk.

    Don’t give up, once you get into it it’ll be addictive and you’ll get a buzz out of running like you get from no other exercise. Ever had a proper exercise enduced endorphin rush? Wait til you can run for 20 mins and for a moment it’ll feel like flying. Promise!!

    Give it a go. Get proper shoes!! ;-))

  3. Stottyman said :

    I will second everything that placebo said …..and it saved me loads of typing!!


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