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Running on treadmill correctly?

I run on the treadmill for 40 mins 4 times per week. This guy in the gym said to me “it’s better to do a constant fast jog than a run on the treadmill” – is there any truth to this? I alternate between fast jogging & running depending on the intensity…am I doing this right?

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3 Responses to “Running on treadmill correctly?”

  1. andrew said :

    i think u should switch up your workouts every day.
    do long runs
    speed workouts
    recovery runs

  2. eqkens said :

    high intensity training such as sprinting or heavy lifting can actually continue burning calories hours after the workout is over because more time is required for the body to recover. Exercises performed with high level of effort or intensity can better stimulate growth for muscle strength and power
    (fast twitch muscle fibers).

    Therefore, high intensity training is often regarded as a more efficient training method as compared to a low intensity cardio workout due to the shorter amount time required for the workout, the more calories you can burn, and the better gains in strength and power.

    If you plan on trying a high intensity sprinting routine, I recommend you run on a track and not a treadmill for safety purposes.

    But personally, I’d wouldn’t pay too much attention to what others say to you at the gym. Most muscle heads at the gym think they know everything about everything due to vanity and pride they gain with muscle gain. They don’t know your body, and they don’t know what or why your training for so how can they suggest a routine that tops yours?

    If you’re enjoying your current routine then keep at it. Good will come to you. The key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is consistency.

  3. whycantigetagoodnickname said :

    Well, Ill answer through personal experience,

    I havent run outside all winter – only had a couple of runs outside this year really (when the weather was warm) so most of my training comes from the gym and treadmill. Last week I ran the sheffield half marathon and this week I did a 15km race, 2 weeks off and then a 5 mile race.

    On the treadmill I run at least 1mph faster than race speed and 2 or 3mph than a jog, and from that I have found that – for me at least – a high intensity run on the treadmill works for my fitness and stamina.

    As for weight control using a treadmill, I always thought that the time spent is irrelevant for this – its the distance you cover (1 mile walk takes the same energy as a mile jog I always thought – you cover the same distance).

    Now alternating between fast and slow is good – the slow runs reduce the effect on your knees and the fast is good for the training.

    Anyway, I would advise staying with your training as you want to and perhaps listen politly to the guy next to you, but just do your own thing (were you going faster than him by the way? – if you were it could old fashioned chauvinism at work and he doesnt like a girl going faster than him)

    Just a last comment – I do my own thing and dont follow training plans simply because the people trying to give advise dont know my lifestyle and goals. Same with the guy next to you – he doesnt know your lifestyle and goals and soperhaps niot the best advice to follow?


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