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Why is the gym differnt to real life?

I am in my 60’s. When I go to the gym and jog along on the treadmill [which has hills in the programme] I do allright for 20 minutes and I take the fitness test as “average” [though possibly in comparison to a slug?]. Why then do I find it next to impossible to walk up real hills?

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3 Responses to “Why is the gym differnt to real life?”

  1. irish_jipper said :

    because the gym is full of fake vain …..

    oh yeah i see your question

    : )

  2. Fyodor said :

    The treadmill is only meant to raise the heart rate and increase your fitness. a 20 minute jog will only raise it slightly!

    Running on the treadmill is not a substitute for running outside, as the floor your running on is not as hard as concrete and the running style is very different.

    my advise would be to start jogging outside in the real world and you will see a vast improvement

  3. leobutterflygoddess said :

    maybe the treadmill is not as steep as “real life” hills………you should talk to a trainer……….


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