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The weather is very cold at the moment with a lot of ice?

I don’t want to run outside in case I slip and as I have no treadmill or gym membership I would like to know if anyone has done running on the spot and for how many minutes? I am thinking about doing it at home in a few hours. I heard Nelson Mandela did the same exercise when he was in prison.

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6 Responses to “The weather is very cold at the moment with a lot of ice?”

  1. bobz said :

    run around your house/falt. or look on tv, there are some good workout channels =]

  2. whycantigetagoodnickname said :

    You don’t have to run, a good walk along your normal run walk might be as good as the running on the spot.

    Having said that, I am going to put on my grippy shoes in a minute and have a go in the show. Plastic bag ready for the downhill and off I go 🙂

  3. isaulte said :

    Funny enough I was wondering the same thing – I had a go on our Wii Fit this morning, running on the spot for 20 minutes. It didn’t feel the same as going for a run, but it was certainly better than nothing.

  4. James said :

    Im not sure if running in the spot is as good as walk outside, as an outside walk can help prepare you for low temperatures, which you will ave to get used to over the next few months.

    I would just do some indoor workouts. I heard wii fit mentioned before-but something gentle, such as yoga, and indoor core workouts should maintain your fitness during the treacherous snowy weather.

  5. Emily said :

    for fun and a good cardio workout just dance and jump around for twice as long as you would go for a run for. it may seem silly at first, but it is actually a ton of fun!

  6. kellie m said :

    Anand that is a great question. I too am a very keen runner to be honest I have been keeping up with my running. I have been going out a bit later at night (when the traffic is a little calmer), with reflective gear, layering my running clothes etc sports bra, vest, t-shirt, sweat resistant top, windproof jacket and reflective vest, and runnin in the middle of the road in the direction of on coming traffic so I can jump on to the pavement. The other night I got caught in that horrendous blizzard, but hey ho. However some may think I am daft (parents, friends and partner think I am) but that is because I am lol. Tonight I wanted to go out running but in this severe cold there is no way as I did not want to risk hypothermia, so I done the 300 workout I dont know if you have heard of it, but I do it as part of my MMA training. Basically you choose 10 different workouts and do them in reps of 30, for e.g;
    30-stomach crunches
    30-deadlifts with hand weights (5kg)
    30-star jumps etc etc…
    Also I have invested in a mini stepper, which is ideal to fit in the home. I also have a skip rope and it may be wise to invest in a workout DVD? If you are a male u may feel a prat but hey u’ll reep the benefits and won’t feel so guilty if you are anything like moi. If you want any more advice with the 300 workoput then look on Youtube there are a range of techniques on there you can try. Hope I have helped you? I will be going for my run tomorrow when it is sunny and hopefully a bit warmer 🙂
    All the best!!!

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