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How to lose the extra weight and become a decent runner?

I’m 24 yrs old and weighing in at 235lbs. I try to lose weight and so far nothing has helped. There’s nothing wrong with me medically. I joined Weight Watchers and have a gym membership but nothing has helped. I want to lose the weight and actually be able to run for at least half an hour non stop. Currently I cannot run for two minutes without stopping. I’m looking for any advice to help lose the weight and start running; maybe a routine that has helped you.

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5 Responses to “How to lose the extra weight and become a decent runner?”

  1. lmlm said :

    go out everyday at walk or run for 30 minutes. run when you can, walk when you can’t run. push yourself and in a few months, you will be able to run for 30 minutes straight. this will help you lose weight too.

  2. mm200404 said :

    Though I’m a girl, I started out pretty darned pudgy and unable to run if my life depended on it. Managed to lose about 30 lbs down to 115 (and I’m fairly short, so that’s a solid difference). Start by running for two minutes and walking for a few. Once you’ve caught your breath, run for two minutes again. Keep doing this for about 45-60 mins. The next time you go running, push it to three minutes before trying to catch your breath again. You can keep pushing it up more and more over the next few months. You should also work on eating more lean foods instead of things heavy in carbs. Just because you worked out doesn’t mean you have free reign to eat anything you want.

    I used to barely be able to jog slowly for a mile, so far this year I’ve done four half marathons (all around 8:30 miles) and 2 sprint triathlons, and actually won my age group in the last one (though it was a fairly small one, but I like to forget that part!)

  3. shallz210 said :

    Hey, I think you should maybe check out this website. Its got some cool tips on burning fat, nutritions and workouts.. its a site for getting six pack of abs. But I think that it could help you out somehow! Good Luck, and with hard work and dedication You can lose the weight and be a Great Runner!!!


  4. Mfdxg said :

    Keeping a food diary, even intermittently, also helps you stay on track, and lets you look back to see the great progress you’ve made. (You can try WLR’s online food diary free for 24 hours.)

  5. Casey said :

    Weight watchers won’t push you to where to you need to be to reach your goal of that half hour run. It will take a lot of hard work, exercise, and eating right. And if you’re not willing to stick with it everyday (NO MATTER WHAT) it is going to be very hard to meet your goals. I ran across a site (not promoting) that reviewed some of the top weight loss programs to try. They can be done at home. It seemed to work better for me because you can push yourself as hard as possible and maybe make noises or whatever is needed to work hard and it wont be embarrassing at the gym. If you are interested, I believe the site was Just remember, persistence is the key and if you stick with it you will get to your goal. Good Luck


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