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running outside versus treadmill?

i cant get to the gym for a week so ive been running outside, does anyone know why i dont sweat outside but i am knackered and my muscles hurt(in a good way like). ive always used the treadmill in the past but now im wondering about the expensive gym membership, is outside running as good for you or is it harsher on the joints? And can anyone explin the ssweat factor (gross iknow, but i am very intrigued by it)?

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7 Responses to “running outside versus treadmill?”

  1. Girl said :

    because on a treadmill you dont have the friction of the road and you are not running at the same level, ie you may be oing up a hill so that is why your muscles are aching. I think it is a lot better and cheaper to go for a run outside but as you founf put it will hurt more just make sure you stretch before and after you run. As for the sweating that just because you are outside in the fresh air so you dont get as hot and ytou get more oxygen inside you. I hope this helps

  2. Daisy-Face said :

    when you run on a hard uneven surface you’re putting more pressure onto your joints. It’s better to use a cross trainer as it has no impact on your joints at all as the foot pedals follow your leg round.
    have no idea about the sweat.

  3. habz said :

    using treadmills is much better then running outside. but again it depends on each different personality. some people can sweat more outside . unlike you. also treadmill is making you to run fast or slow .. but when you run out side you have all the control,
    drink alot of water when you run. because when you run indore u might drink alot of water compare to outside.

  4. Canadian Yummy♥Mummy said :

    I just asked this question éarlier this week but I’m the reverse.

    I run outdoors and I’ve just bought a treadmill for the house.

    Outside running is tougher on your joints, but you get a better workout–it’s more cardio than just running on the spot and will target different muscles.

    I’m planning on using my treadmill for the days I can’t get outside bc for me, nothing beats the cool air and freedom to explore different surroundings.

    As far as not sweating goes, perhaps you’re not pushing it hard enough. Even me on a treadmill for 40 minutes I’m a sweat hog and worse when I’m outside–not very glamorous looking lol.

  5. Huw R said :

    Running on a treadmill is much easier because you dont get the impact of the road, plus it helps you move. The road will make you a much stronger runner and faster and much fitter.

  6. srb123 said :

    I go to a running club and have also been to the gym on a treadmill. I prefer running outside. I find it better because you control the pace more easily and it can be harder when running up hills. Using a treadmill is only harder if you set the pace higher for a shorter time (I find anyway). You probably sweat less because of the fresh air and you probably tackle running differently. i.e, in the gym people often only run for a shorter period of time, say 15 minutes but at a faster pace and when running outside run for longer, say 45 minutes at a slower pace. At the gym this will be much more intense so you sweat more in that period. Running outside however will be less intense, but the fact that you do it for longer makes up for this, but means you seem to sweat less.

  7. Carl Doe said :

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