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is running outside a lot different to running on the treadmill?

i want to start running outside around my village on days i am not at the gym using treadmill.

but i worry i won’t have the stamina for it and won’t do very well because it will be a lot harder, is this true?

and also i get worried how i look if people see me running around 🙁

at the gym i do 30-40 mins on treadmill at a speed of 9.5-10 think its kmph on there x

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8 Responses to “is running outside a lot different to running on the treadmill?”

  1. kluelesskidd said :

    it is different because on the treadmill the space is limited but outside you can stretch youre legs and run properly.

    also whilst running on the treadmill you lose interest because theres not alot of scenery, but you keep interest outside as you move along

    another thing is that outside you get less hot because the wind is in your face and theres no “AC”

  2. Film_Buff_Bobby said :

    Running outside is a hell of a lot different to the running machine. The good thing about the running machine is that it paces you at an exact speed and the terrain never differs.

    When out on the road, you have to pace yourself and once you start adding dips in roads, hills, bends and corners, you have to be aware that your speed will differ, when youcome across a variation within the run, you need to run that bit faster to get back up to your chosen pace and remember that if you don’t your time and distance will suffer.

    If your able to do what you say on a running machine, you should definitely have the stamina for a good road run.

    What you need to remember is that your first few runs will probably be no where near what you do on a machine, don’t let this dishearten you, it will take a few times for you to get used to the different style in running, but road running will give you more strength and fitness than that of a running machine.

  3. Abigail said :

    yeah dont worry what people think if you are a runner then run, trust me dont be self concious. But yeah running is much different then it is on a treadmill i hate running on treadmills they just arnt the same you get a way better work out if you run out doors then on a tread mill … good luck and dont worry bout other people think

  4. brett.brown said :

    Start with 3-4km since you know you can at least run that long from the treadmill work you do. It’s harder because of the change in condition; hills, weather, etc.. Plus running outside forces you to work harder but not so significantly that you couldn’t accomplish close to what you do on a treadmill.

    As far worried about people seeing you run..unless you are alone in the gym…plenty of people are watching you run already. Don’t worry about them focus on your run.

  5. picasso said :

    yes it is nicer to run outside can be harder ,why worry about other people and what they think,if you do not have the staminer then walk until you feel able to jog again,

  6. Thi said :

    yeah it is really different

  7. R5T6H9KF said :

    yeah outside there is elements (wind, dirt, geography and temperature). you’ll be ok if you can run 3.1 miles if you run 10kph in 30 min but running outside will be a bit difficult as i said because of the elements.

    u’ll have enought stamina b/c ur pacin ur self on the treadmill (thats the whole point of it -it taught me to run at a steady pace) it’s ok if your not good or it’s hard at first.

    alot of people run outside!!! and plus there are people seeing you when ur at the gym! it’s the same thing! so don’t be worried if your scared of stalkers/kidnappers bring ur cellphone or a friend. also make sure you stay on the sidewalk and watch out for cars. if you plug in ur ipod make sure it’s not that loud b/c you have to hear if cars if not then this can cause accidents.

    i think you should run outside more b/c you can look at the scenery and breathe fresh air i think it’s much better than the treadmill. the treadmill is sooo boring you just stare at the wall and it’s tiring… all it does is blow air to ur face and not ur whole body which doesn’t help at all. when i ran on the treadmill and was so tired when i ran outside but running outside helped me run faster on the treadmill. running outside is soo much fun and do it more often then run on a flat treadmill!!!!

    it might be hard at first but later on running outside will be a fun experience.

  8. JC said :

    yes its different you have to factor in the weather, temperature, wind, hills, roads, etc.
    trust me i like outdoors better.


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