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What is the best way to improve my fast running over a short period of time?

OK I have a PJFT for the Royal Marines in 12 days. I have to run 1.5 miles in less than 10 minutes. Right now I’m getting about 9:45, I want to get it as low as possible. I know on the day, and with it being indoors and on a treadmill I should run faster, but in the short time I have left before the test what is the best way to push myself in order to maximize my running speed(and stamina)?

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3 Responses to “What is the best way to improve my fast running over a short period of time?”

  1. o2animal said :

    It takes time to be physiologically faster at running. Your muscles have to strengthen and body has to recover after hard workouts. I would be afraid that with 12 days left if you were to start an intense training regimine you could either end up with an overuse injury by overloading your body, or not give your body enough time to rest before the big day causing a decrease in performance. The best thing to do with little time is focus on form. When you feel your body slowing down after the first 800-1200 meters, or you feel your stride getting longer (also a sign of fatigue), instead of trying to “power through it”, focus on turning your legs over faster. This will help prevent you from slowing towards the end of the run. Make sure you take three or four rest days prior to your PJFT, which means easy jogs, not sitting on the couch! If you keep your HR below 160 bpm during your rest days, this get a little exercise and still be rested for the big day. For future increases in speed, look into interval training 1-2x/wk. Good luck!

  2. Robert H said :

    One assumes you have been doing some running, and in reality all you can do is some fine tuning.

    Your time is not exceptionally fast so I would consider you an average runner and long term the best thing to do is get into a good running program which will improve your aerobic efficiency.

    For now I would consider running efficiency which means some sprints, say 100 fast/ 100 jog and do around 8 of these. Could do on a track. One now and one 5 days before, then easy runs or resting till your test. I would run a 1.5mile race effort 10 days before the test.

  3. freey29 said :

    Its hard to help you without knowing how your training has been. If you race/test is 1.5miles, you should be running double that.

    Run 3-6miles day 1, then do some speed work on day 2….maybe 1/4 or 1/2 mile runs. Day 3 do some more distance, day 4 speed. etc

    Make sure you are resting, especially before your race/test. Take the day off 2 days before your race, and jog a mile or 2 the day before.


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