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Running: treadmill vs outside?

I usually run outside as I hate treadmills but in the days when weather is very bad i will run on treadmill.

Does anybody find that they are much slower on treadmill than outside?

For example i run outside about an 8 min pace on treadmill its more like a 10/11 min pace! I find it a struggle to do a mile on TM whereas outside I’m fine up to about 7 miles.

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8 Responses to “Running: treadmill vs outside?”

  1. chlooee said :

    yes, personally i think treadmills are worse for you than being outside.

    plus, you get hills and sloaps when you’re outside so it helps your stamina and overall endurance.

  2. erm said :

    that’s odd cos it’s harder to run outside cos 1 the pavement doesnt move and 2 theres no wind resistance when running on a treadmill

  3. leggjesusfreak said :

    It is because when you run on a TM you are just going, when your outside you have more obstacles and such. If it is to slow than try to pick up the spead or you always can run in place. Hope I helped God bless

  4. Hai T said :

    I’m in the Army and I run about 6 times a week; outside and treadmill, and I face the same problem

    We may be running be slower on the treadmill is because your speed is regulated to one speed, unless you change it.

    And of course, there is the motivation factor.. treadmills are boring and people are usually not as motivated, so people don’t work out as hard.

  5. Alicia said :

    Outisde is definitely better.

  6. angie said :

    treadmills are worse because they have a set pace for you and you usually have to chose an option of what kind of workout you want so it goes slower.

  7. richardz74 said :

    I know what you mean.
    On a treadmill I’m constantly looking at a timer and other people.
    When outside, I just “zone out and run”, so my times are much faster.

  8. steven_prentice_666 said :

    Strange, I tend to go faster on the treadmill than the roads but then I don’t set an incline often on the treadmill (I will this winter to get a few race PB’s next year), outside with hils, and wind resistance I go slower than treadmill.

    Yes, I struggle with motivation on the treadmill – 30 minutes is my limit of boredom but outside – 30 mins and I am just getting going! I tend to make up the time inside cross training – treadmill, cycle and cross trainer which helps the boredom and eases the pressure on my joints


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