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What is the difference between running outside and on a treadmill?

My friend tells me I run more on a treadmill as for it to be like outdoors the gradient has to be increased to an incline of 0.5 or 1.0 is this true?

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13 Responses to “What is the difference between running outside and on a treadmill?”

  1. tribalrevival said :

    Outdoors has variable gradients, you would have to compensate for that if running indoors on a flat treadmill.

  2. Doctor Free mason said :

    I didnt know that, the main difference i can see is, outdoor is better because you got fresh oxygen as compared being indoors where you jsut smell peoples BO

  3. MXA said :

    well running outside is more effective i fink

  4. littlered102012 said :

    i don’t thinks there is really a difference at all…

  5. edwin 305 said :

    well running outside gets you more tired for some reason, and no, not because there is stuff to look at like the T said, but if just naturally does. while on the treadmill, it’s natural that people have more stamina because the treadmill is making you go unlike outside, like a track, you gotta push yourself.

  6. JC said :

    outdoors are better. you get to see your friends, fellow runners, maybe a special someone(i always do, lol). you get to run in all kinds of weather, and you can run up and down hills, thru the flats, etc. running is way better than inside. i guess you could call me a extreme long distance runner.(i am 17). anyways as you can see you get a way better work out and you get to see people you know. as for the difference i pretty much explained it. hope this helped.

  7. Huw R said :

    Running outdoors gives u every different gradient and different types of surfaces and bad weather than can make the run more chllenging. Inside u have a flat treadmill with no wind resistant. If you want to keep trainning on a treadmill and have the same effect that it gives u outside you will need to put the gradient to at least 1% and make it go a little faster thatn you would run outside.

  8. GD_76 said :

    If you run on a treadmill, you are not pushing your body in a forward motion. Therefore you are not working your legs as much as you would if you were running outdoors (or indoors for that matter). To get the equivalent effect of running on a flat surface, you would need to set the treadmill to a 1.0 to 1.5 gradient.

  9. The omnipotent one said :

    Running on a treadmill takes a certain mindset. I have run boston and new york marathon a few times, but the longest I can run on a treadmill is about 3 miles. Running outside allows for more freedom of motion and the slopes and gradients change from cement to grass.

  10. Dr. Doo-Rag said :

    Running inside on a treadmill tends to be more linear which is no match for the the erratic conditions of the outdoors as a means of building strength and stamina quickly

  11. omgitsemmiexoxo said :

    running on a treadmill causes more stress on your joints a lot of times

  12. zeenme said :

    Hi i have only run for one year now and started on a treadmill i now only run outside, the main difference is if you get tired or go up hill or hit the mental barrier or are 2 miles from home YOU have to put in the effort to move as a treadmill is always cycling you get forced to move and this makes it easier.regards

  13. tiensunpai said :

    For one thing, unless you’re one of those that can zone out to the Tv, indoor running is BORING. Outdoors, you have the added benefit of sun-shine, which means you are naturally producing vitamin D for those bones that you are conditioning on that hard pavement.

    Also, you’re less likely to have over-aggressive steroid-junkies hounding you outside on tracks. Such people only detract from your workout by distracting you.

    Go outside, Listen to the birds. Feel the wind. Lose yourself in the rhythm of the movement.


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