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Is swimming better than using the treadmill?

i have a gym and swim membership what way should i do it?gym first or swim.whats the best routine?

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4 Responses to “Is swimming better than using the treadmill?”

  1. The Circus Bearded Lady said :

    Swimming is better. Hardly any impact damage to joints.

  2. xxsxxm said :

    swimming is an all round exercise, if ur talking about burning calories then yes swimming definitly even though u may feel more tired on a treadmill swimming is one of the best forms of exercise.

  3. whyme said :

    yes swimming is better because not only is your body supported you use more muscles so you get a better workout

  4. Kayla said :

    Yes, swimming is way better than using a treadmill. The water supports your joints and the water pushing against you gives you a better work out. Laps are a good workout.


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