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What are the bennefits for using the rowing machine?

Ive started to go gym recently, i mainly use the cross trainer or the rowing machine. I force myself to go on the treadmill occasionally, its just i HATE running.
Im tying to get fit for the Police Force coz that’s what i want to do for my career, out of all the facilities in the gym the rowing machine is what i seem to be good at, i would just like to know what the bennefits are.
thanks x

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3 Responses to “What are the bennefits for using the rowing machine?”

  1. The Tank said :

    Strengthens the muscles in your legs, especially thghs. Develops your shoulders and arms. Helps to flatten your stomach. Builds stamina. Progress on your improving fitness is very easy to measure so it’s an enocuraging machine to use (distance rowed per 15 minute interval). Gives you a sore bum if you stay on too long.

  2. WestCoastin4Life said :

    Good upper body workout, good cardio for mostly the upper body, but you can change it into a lower body workout as well depending on your style…

  3. pinkt said :

    Well, it’s excellent cardio, and it exercises all major muscle groups.
    If you really enjoy it, you should try actual rowing. It’s much more interesting than an erg (what rowing machines are called).


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