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I’ve lost weight due to loss of appetite?

I started a new job last wk & coz of nerves etc I lost my appetite & I still haven’t got it back, I’m hungry but when I go to eat I just feel sick so I don’t eat, I’m getting a bit worried now coz I know I’m losing weight as people have pointed it out

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6 Responses to “I’ve lost weight due to loss of appetite?”

  1. Nicole said :

    Since it is because of your nerves, try figuring out ways to calm them down. Then with eating, start out with small things such as nibbles of something that seems to agree with you here and there or even with shakes that are nutritious. Your body is going to break down if you do not get something in there to make you strong and healthy.

  2. ptcruisher2001 said :

    take vitimans and eat plenty of pop tarts while your at work, im on the other end of the stick i get stressed out and i wanna drink a beer and whoomp some butt, then have a BBQ in the back yard

  3. kirsty_insley said :

    Hi, Im going through this exact same thing at the moment.

    My boyfriend broke up with me a few weeks ago, the first few days I didnt want to or feel like eating which is pretty understandable..I wasnt hungry, just upset.
    Then a few days went by and I couldnt eat a thing, not through choice..It just made me feel sick. Like now..I can be REALLY hungry, with stomach pains..but when I start making something to eat I just really feel sick again..not to mention when I start to eat..Its really starting to take its toll..its only been 2 weeks..but I cant walk anywhere without feeling faint..Ive had to take time off work.

    What im going to start doing, is eat very an apple, a roll..salad..something light..but eat quite often!

    I really hope this helps and I wish you all the luck cause I know how annoying this is!! 😀

  4. Hikari said :

    this happens to me, alot infact.

    eventually you will calm down and get your appetite back until then stay hydrated, and try and take some vitamins, lots of sugar, apple juice helps. check your blood pressure because the stress may elevate it.

    just try and relax, and your appetite will return.

  5. Pat said :

    Try to relax and start eating more little by little. Don’t go too fast or your body might react badly. But don’t keep NOT eating, you’ll become thin and weak. Just eat when you’re hungry. It’s a start. Good luck!

  6. animal said :

    You might want to try a meal replacement powder with some multi vits if you are suffering from energy loss.


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