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Training for half marathon on treadmill?

i would like to do a half marathon at the end of this year. does anyone know if it is possible to train for it on a treadmill and in the gym only? i’m in dubai and it is too hot to run outside at the moment – and it makes me crazy!!!! If anyone has a training program for gym and treadmill only or any other ideas, let me know…thanks. The last half marathon i did was Sept 05 (Windsor) – so i’m not very fit at the moment.
Thanks for all the answers – I’m off to the treadmill now, to start my program!!!!

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5 Responses to “Training for half marathon on treadmill?”

  1. MR POTATO HEAD said :

    of course its possible,good luck

  2. hotrabitt said :

    yes that is a great idea i would so like totally do it . that will like make your legs stronger.

  3. futuretopgun101 said :

    if you were to use a running machine, and rowing machines then that will help with general fitness.
    But there is no substitute to getting out on the roads and running. It helps condition your feet and legs, and its much better for you then running in a room.
    In short yes you could, but you will get better results if you run outdoors.
    If you are doing this half marathon in Dubal you will need to get used to the heat anyway. and you will have an advantage over the others if you can do a decent time in hot weather.
    Just remember to drink loads.

  4. Mike F. said :

    It can be done. Use the same mix of workouts as you would on the roads…hills…distance…and intervals. Use the treadmill pace chart on the page below to help you out. Good luck!

    – Mike

  5. J said :

    Of course you can.

    I am a treadmill runner and do all my marathon training on treadmill. I am a big believer in training with treadmills. First, treadmills give you total control of your speed within the touch of your hand, helping you to learn to pace yourself. Secondly, they are much gentler on your knees than outside running, and you are less likely to get injured. Besides, it is nice to run in a cooler weather in the gym than outdoor Dubai.

    Most of the treatmills will require you to have an incline of about 1 degree to simulate outside run. On the other hand, increasing incline more than that would help with building your quad strength. It is especially useful when you are running in a hilly race. The only problem is that treadmill in general does not decline below flat level, so it does not help you train for the downhill run.

    Treadmills are also great in helping you train for faster time. Increasing and then decreasing the speed in a bell curve shape will help you increase your speed. Start at a lower pace, slowly increase your speed to above your maximum speed, then gently decline to lower speed would help you become a faster runner without making you tired out too quickly.

    Also, a lot of treadmill has heart rate monitor function. By monitoring your heart rate, you will be able to determine the optimal heart rate for you to maintain the optimal cruising pace. In a race, you want to learn to achieve that optimal heart rate, which will give you the best efficiency – a combination of a good speed at the longest duration. Treadmill will teach you to learn to pace yourself at that rate to achieve that heart rate.


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