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I have been dieting since march and I’ve lost 23lbs, However to get to my goal I need to lose another 19lbs. I have a gym membership and healthy food. I want to lose 19lbs by august 15. If you have any ideas please share. My weight loss is going slower bc i’ve stop trying so hard. I really need some tips. Thank You

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3 Responses to “Dieting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?”

  1. dmspartan2000 said :

    Vary your physical activities to make your weigh loss routine more appealing. Swim some; ride a bicycle some; walk some; play an active sport even though you may not be very good at it. Try to be as spontaneous as possible although that might not be possible some times.

  2. Nutritionkid said :

    Hey there, send me an email if you like at [email protected] to talk more about this, I can set up a general diet/nutrition plan/exercise plan, for free obviously

  3. SaVee said :

    WOW! 23 pounds! Good going! Weight loss WILL become slower as you get closer to your goal. Not to worry!

    Three years ago, when I was dieting, the same happened to me and basically I changed my diet. I came across the “raw food diet” and learned that it will help your body self-detox (among many other benefits). Toxins can hold fat cells in place within the body – they actually are stored in fat cells! So, I changed from what I considered was eating healthy to a more raw plant-based diet. This not only charged up the pounds being dropped but I was actually starting to feel better mentally as well as physically! No, I didn’t go 100% raw. I started about 50% and gradually worked up to about 75 -85% daily. (Another good deal about this was that I was losing the cravings for “bad” foods – which was a plus!)


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