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how long should i be running on the treadmill for?

i’m 13 and i want to get my fitness up for rugby. i have a treadmill in my house and use it about 3 times a week but i want to get more serious with it. i usually do around 20-25 minutes fast jogging. is that good enough?

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3 Responses to “how long should i be running on the treadmill for?”

  1. whycantigetagoodnickname said :

    Yes that sounds good. 30 minutes is the recommended amount of exercise a day.

    Set the incline to 1% if you can

  2. paulrules97 said :

    Getting Acclimated
    Before planning a long (30-minutes or more) treadmill run, take time to learn how the treadmill works, especially how to stop the treadmill. Unlike outdoor running, if you get tired or your shoelace comes untied, you can’t just stop running. Most treadmills have a “Pause” and a “Stop” button that cause the moving track to slow gradually. There’s also usually an emergency stop feature, often as part of a clip you can attach to your clothing. If you stumble or feel lightheaded, for example, you can stop the track immediately. It’s also important to learn how to run with your normal stride on a treadmill. Plan a series of three- to five-minute runs so that you get accustomed to starting your run, getting into a normal stride at workout pace, maintaining pace for a while, then gradually slowing down. For a five-minute run, add a couple of “hills” by raising the incline of the treadmill. Just as in outdoor running, you also might need to slow your pace as you tackle the incline.

    During outdoor running, you might unconsciously slow as you get tired, but treadmill training allows you to maintain a consistent pace. You also can program the treadmill to create interval training. For example, run a six-minute mile pace for two minutes, then slow for a minute to eight-minute miles, then back to six-minute miles and so on.

    The treadmill also can provide easy runs, which are helpful for runners of every level a day or two each week. Just as you slow as you get tired, if you’re trying to run easily, you probably will speed up gradually toward your normal workout pace. Setting the treadmill at a slower speed forces you into an easy run.

    Maintain Your Form
    Don’t run differently on a treadmill than you do outdoors. It’s easy to look down at the control panel—checking the time or distance, watching the calories click by, studying the run program. Work hard to keep your chin up, your hips square to the front of the treadmill and your stride at its normal length. Make sure your foot plant is the same as it would be on the road.

    Weather Conditions
    You won’t have rain or freezing cold or tropic-like heat to contend with, but treadmill training does have its own peculiarities. The temperature is likely to be at comfortable room levels, which is warm for a long run. You won’t have any breeze to help you cool off either. Have an extra shirt—and if your treadmill is at home, even an extra pair of shorts—to put on when you start sweating. And keep some water handy to stay hydrated. That’s what the pause button is for.

    Road Conditions
    The terrain won’t change on a treadmill unless you change it. Most treadmills can be programmed to include “hills,” and you probably can program the treadmill for the pace you want to climb the hill. But, with few exceptions, treadmills cannot be programmed to go “downhill.” If you are training for a long race, you will need to find another way to practice downhill running. In addition, treadmills cannot provide you with the wind resistance you will encounter in outdoor running. One way to mimic this resistance is to elevate the treadmill slightly, even for what would be termed flat conditions.

    The scenery never changes on the treadmill. If you’re running in your home instead of at a fitness facility, you won’t even have the advantage of other people moving about. Fight boredom by watching television—even a movie—or listening to music.

  3. A girl named Maria (: said :

    Im also 13 and I excersize on my treadmill monday-friday for 40-45 minutes by speed-walking. Then Saturdays && Sundays just take it easy, be a teen, and pig out! lol but sometimes I just do 15 minutes at night on the weekend, because im addicted to excersize now, hahaha so yeaa.. you can do thatt.. Hope I helped (:


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