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Whats the best way to start running for fat loss.?

I have been exercising a while and I thought that I was pretty fit. Ive been doing a lot of drills with Muai Thai and Boxing.

I havent ran in a log time and when I went on a treadmill I felt tired after 5 mins (I was doing other circuits but thats no excuse)

So I need to run, what is the best way to work up to faster longer fitter etc.

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2 Responses to “Whats the best way to start running for fat loss.?”

  1. Jamie 9q said :

    If you want to get fitter, run longer & faster, do distance training(build up) & sprints(3 times a week).
    If you’re going for fat loss, try HIIT – High Intensity Interval Trianing, basically walk/sprint. here’s a coupla links:

  2. js1 said :

    set your treadmill for 6 minutes and run the entire time. do it everyday for a week, then up the ante to 7 minutes or 8. continue to add time each week, and make sure you run everyday to get your lungs and muscles accustom to prolonged work outs. You should also increase your speed each time as well. Give yourself a time limit, like running a mile in 10 minutes one week, and 9.5 the next week. A good goal is to go towards being able to run a mile in 6 or 7 minutes.

    If you want to lose weight, try for a 3 mile goal each day or every other day. Run for as long you can, then walk the rest. Dont quit when youre tired of running, keep walking at a brisk pace. Build your endurance up so eventually you will run the entire time.

    So to some it up:

    – Run everyday
    -Increase speed every 2-3 days, or everyday if possible, even if only by a little
    – Run for a specified amount of time, and increase each week.
    – Set a goal for yourself- running a mile in 6-7 minutes
    -Remember to breathe, breathe-in in short quick breaths, breath out in one breath. keep mouth shut to avoid drying it out- which makes you want to stop sooner.


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