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whats the best type of steroid to use for muscle growth and fat loss?

Also do steroids effect the liver?

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7 Responses to “whats the best type of steroid to use for muscle growth and fat loss?”

  1. paige_squirrel_goddess said :

    yes, r u taking steroids? those destroy ur body u kno…

  2. JustCallMeSexy said :

    there isn’t a such thing as good steroid use. all you have to do is eat foods rich in protein like steaks and eggs. and you are a boy so im sure the eating part is eay for you. but the protein will help you build muscle quickly if you lift weights and work out regularly. and i bet you didnt know that while the steroids make your muscle big, at the same time they shrink other places like your PENIS. and i am sure no boy wants that. so just take the advice and dont use steroids. do it the natural way!!

  3. Aaroni said :

    Never take steroids. You may look good in a short period of time but inside you will be crap and by the time you realize it, it could be too late. Then you’ll be sick, loose the muscle and look really bad.
    Stick to a good nutritious diet and a weight-training routine. It really works.

  4. Dondare said :

    Steroids harm virtually every organ in your body. Don’t be a bloody idiot.

  5. Blakelydog said :

    Excersise lazy!

  6. Elandw said :

    anabolic steroids are the best steroids to use if you want to build muscles.These are what the wrestlers use, but I dont think you want that much muscle so just use it for the short term to build some muscle. Afterwards, stop using it and just go to the gym (or wherever you exercise) and maintain the muscle you have grown. Yes it does affect the liver (so they say), but this is usually in the LONG term (or many many years of use) so do it on a short term basis and you’ll be fine.I’m thinking of doing the same thing but I’ve not fully made up my mind yet.

  7. bruce w said :

    The topic of steroids is a hot potatoe. Athletes use anabolic steroids to increase their muscular size and strength. The most popular for mast gain are Dianabol (oral) and a testosterone such as Ethanate (intramuscular injection) . Anabol 50 is extremely good, too, also an oral, but gram for gram Dianabol is probably more effective. The forementioned steroids can give the muscle a puffy look, which is not alway desirable by everybody. To counter this, some users take tren.

    Important: for steroids to work you need to exercise really hard and eat enormous amounts of lean food, with plenty of protein. My diet varies between 5000-8000 calories per day, 300 grams of protein a day. Diet is the most important thing!

    As far as fat loss is concerned, by increasing muscle size you will invariably burn up more fat as muscles require a lot of energy. Steroids can damage the liver with long term usage and they are associated with other side effects but with proper management these can be controlled or at least the effects can be reduced to a tolerable level. For instance, the biggest concern for most male users is “b**ch t*ts” – this occurs because most steroid compounds aromatise to form estrogen as the final product which is responsible for breast tissue in females. You can take anti-estrogen tablets to overcome this.

    I’m not going to advise you against taking steroids. You will probably do them anyway. The risks of steroids are not truly understood and bodybuilders are not dropping like flies. There is a lot of misconception with steroids. e.g. permanently shrunk testicles, etc. In the UK steroids are legal.

    But they can be dangerous if you don’t do your research properly. You do steroids in short cycles – up to 12 weeks normally – after that you take an anti-estrogen to reduce the rate of muscle loss. A successful steroid cycle includes a combination of fasting acting and slow acting steroids. You can have more 2 steroids in a cycle. Advance bodybuilders take up to 6 steroids. Injection steroids are the most effective for building muscle because they don’t go through first pass metabolism, which makes orals less efficient.

    However better to spend a year or two exercising the normal way. Let your own testosterone fuel your growth first and then if you hit a plateau in your developments steroids could then be an option. If you take steroids now you might never reach your full potential as steroids have a way of downgrading the testosterone receptors on your muscle cells, making them less efficient with each cycle. This is why is useful to take alternate steroids.

    NB: If you below the age of 21, I would strongly advise you against using steroids though!!! They can prevent you from reaching your full height potential!


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