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Is running truly the best fat loss exercise?

Is running a superior method of fat loss to all exercises or is something like kickboxing better?

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7 Responses to “Is running truly the best fat loss exercise?”

  1. hondaxpower said :

    not sure i know having a healthy diet shoots off those pounds worked for me..and if you do start running cause it is healthy for you make sure u get some good running shoes because over time like 20 years of running are bad for your knees but not if you have proper shoes

  2. JKL said :

    Running is one of the best because it incorporates your entire body, if you have bad joints swimming is a good alternative. Another important thing is that muscle burns more than fat so if you can gain a little muscle your body will naturally be burning more calories even as you sleep. You should find and exercise you enjoy so you will do it often. If you hate running it probably isn’t the best option for you. Try playing a sport you once enjoyed or get a group of friends to go and exercise with you something to make it fun. Tae bo and kick boxing are also major calorie burners. Good Luck!

  3. Billy said :

    You have to keep your heartrate elevated for a prolonged time, so something intense like kickboxing could be better, but you would have to maintain it for some period.

    Sprinting burns more fat than runnin, but you have to do it in spurts for a while, then your metabolism is raised higher for the rest of the day than from regular running, so the same could be done with kickboxing, it just has to be intense and don’t take breaks, and do it for like 20 minutes.

  4. Diamond Girl said :

    it isn’t necessarily the best way but it is a good method to lose the fat.

  5. Nikki said :

    the best way to lose weight is like to join weight watcher if you dont wanna do that then cut you porportions of food in halve and dont eat fat foods like chips late at night instead of it eat like strawberrys or something better for you and dont just run cause the best exercise around I hear is swimming cause you use you entire body for it anyway hope I helped

  6. Carolina V said :

    Well running is great for losing stomach fat and allot more i know because i once had a stomach but from running i don’t have one anymore that’s why the skinny people run so they can stay the way they are skinny!

  7. Candice S said :

    mmmm..Do intervals of runs and walks or slow jogs. If you do same-speed jogging, you’re leaving a ton of calories on the table. You’re not burning up all that you should be. The reason is because you’re not effectively creating a big oxygen deficit which helps to oxidize your fat deposits more. A typical interval that works great for burning off fat is to run pretty hard for 10-15 seconds. Then you either jog slowly or walk for the next 45-50 seconds. You continue with that ratio until you’ve completed anywhere from 10-20 minutes of it. Also if you want fast i just came thru this site that might help you. 🙂 hope it will


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