How fast can I lose this fat?

This is my fatness:

Apart from a little fat on my face, I don’t have fat anywhere else.

How fast can I lose this??
With proper diet and exercise of course.

I want to look something like this:

Just toned, not really bulky.
Is this possible, say, in 4-8 weeks??
What do you recommend??

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2 Responses to “How fast can I lose this fat?”

  1. Iceicelannnnnnnd said:

    My brother just started weight training this year. He’s 15 and has already lost a lot of weight and replaced it with muscle. You look about the same he did, so I’d say at least 8 weeks.

  2. 1,2,3,FOH! said:

    as for your question, i would say it would take about 6 months of starving yourself and hard-core working out…but i mean why do that, that first picture was so sexy

    if you dont mind me saying…i just had a hot session with that


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