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How fast can I expect to lose this weight?

If I go running/jogging for about 30 minutes everyday and cut out at least 300 calories from what I eat, how fast can I lose weight? I am 5’10” and weigh a little under 160 lbs and I’m almost 16. Most of the extra weight is in my legs, thighs mostly, and I want to lose some of it, at least 5 lbs but 10 would be great, before I go shopping to school clothes. How long do you think it will take me?

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8 Responses to “How fast can I expect to lose this weight?”

  1. X said :

    keep to it and you will reach your goal

  2. lacoste1892 said :

    1 month for five pounds. 2 months for ten.

  3. phobosnos said :

    depending on the intensity of running you do….

    a month

  4. elchris2005 said :

    running and sit ups will make you drop pounds like MAD ! ! ask the wonderfull people of th US ARMY…..thatas all they do….RUN….sit ups, and push up….ONLY 3 things. but they do them in the morning , evening, and sometimes at night befor bed……try it and you will drop pounds like madd, faster then any ol diet plan and liver killing pills!

  5. i L0ve y0u said :

    You should try this method for a week, make sure you weigh yourself in the beginning of the week and see by the end of the week how much you lose.. We cant tell you this way how much you will lose,because everybody is different. The normal amount to lose each week is 2 pounds..This is the healthiest way to lose weight without gaining it back..

  6. ashj_1218 said :

    If you are looking for just five or ten pounds, if you stick to a healthy exercise and diet plan you can expect to lose about two pound per week…so about five weeks for ten pounds.

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  8. Amanda R said :

    i think it will take me about 1 month


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