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How does a teen lose weight fast?

So im 14, 5 ft 1 in, and I weigh 160 lbs! I’m fat and NEED to lose weight. You see i want to impress this guy but he only likes going out with skinny pretty girls so maybe if i lose weight my face will be skinnier and ill be prettier and not to mention better looking! I do gymnastics 9 hrs. a week so i need something else thanks

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3 Responses to “How does a teen lose weight fast?”

  1. Katie said :

    eat healthyy! try having fruit or healthy foods instead of sweets. and try to go to the gym or just do some simple exercises like sit ups, pushups, jump jope, bike ride, run, anything!!! anything but sitting on the couch!!

  2. wooshin! said :

    if u think u can, i think u should maybe cut off all sugar. my friend did when she was overweight, and she lost 45 pounds! this might be hard though…i tried, and i gave up cuz it was too hard

  3. hannahalise08 said :

    ah im the SAME way but im 15 4’11 and 145. im starting to get stretch marks cuz i use to be skinny but have been stressed and i eat i guess when i am & i dont even notice it. but all i can say is if its summer then take a light run around the yard or streets if safe and eat as much heathy food as u can. its hard i no. i cant geet motivated. my face is like round & its annoying to have chubbyness onttop of tht & every boy calls me baby checks ahahha. yeah but good luck!!


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