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How can a pre teen lose weight FAST?

I am almost a teenager. I weigh 110 pounds and I’m around 5 foot 3.

I play basketball and volleyball <3 I feel fat, but no one believes me when i tell them my weight! They think im around 80 or 90 pounds ! I want to be around 95 pounds,and not 110 ! What can i do, cut back on the fast food and soda? Please help!

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5 Responses to “How can a pre teen lose weight FAST?”

  1. Jerika G said :

    You are at the right weight corresponds with your height & age so it wouldn’t be healthy for you to loose more weight.

  2. Summer said :

    Just diet. Cut down on the fast food, and eat healthier.

    Also try doing stretches, I lost 5 pounds in a week from stretching and being active. Just look up yoga poses and count to 20 while doing each stretch to make it work. Count higher if you want, and for the active part, just get a friend and walk around and run playing.

  3. Caroline said :

    your supposed to be 100 lbs at 5 ft, the 5-10 lbs per inch depending on your body type. so your ideal weight is 115-130 lbs. your totally fine!

    consider looking at that website =]

  4. Kiki_grl_17 said :

    I am the same as you almost.I’m 12 years old,5 ft 2 and I weigh the same as you.According to a BMI scale,110 for someone 5 ft and 2/3 inches is a perfectly normal weight,so stop worrying. ;D

  5. Kirstie Nicol said :

    I cant identify your rss button, how do you sign up with it?


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