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How do you stay committed to losing weight?

I’ve been on and off trying to lose weight since the 5th grade. It seems that I start of good but then I just suddenly lose interest or fall off that fast. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I can’t stay committed to losing weight! What can I do to keep me motivated? Has any one else been in my predicament?

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6 Responses to “How do you stay committed to losing weight?”

  1. Ryan D said :

    put pictures of yourself and put them up in your bathroom 4 you to see every morning…

  2. Johnny B said :

    Try this realistic plan:

    Okay. Cut out eating in between meals.
    Only eat healthy food and cut down on Carb’s like bread, potatoes, pasta’s, rice, cereals etc.
    Don’t add salt to your meals. Cut out softdrinks.
    Then walk an hour every morning two hours after a meal and the same in the afternoon.
    If you can jog in between both sessions you’ll burn even more calories.
    You should lose and continue to lose more weight as you go.
    If you can cut out your lunch meal and replace it with a protein drink instead that would also help. (Available from supermarkets).
    As long as you can stay off junk food and eating in between meals.

  3. Jay (aka) Big Sexy said :

    Who you tellin.. Big Daddy is on that right now.. I find that key is to create a habbit that you can stick with. Besides that there is no such thing as a quick fix diet, i.e. Atkins, Slim Fast, you cant do that all your life. Those things are temparary. What you have to do is consume less and burn more than you eat. eliminating bad fats along the process. Start with Soda’s That use to be my enemy but now Im good I still drink them every now and again but not as much as I use to .

  4. jeristhin said :

    When I lose focus or desire there’s usually a minimum I commit myself to. In those ‘tired’ or ‘uncommitted’ moments I don’t try to ‘convince’ myself to do it – I know that as long as I do a ‘preset’ minimum – then I’ll be okay.

    The minimum for me is this (I call it the go-with-the-flow approach): in the moments I don’t feel like exercising or being all gong-ho about weight control, I keep myself at eating half portions even if I don’t feel there’s a point. This makes me feel like all is not lost and i don’t end up all depressed.

    I’ve spent enough time with me by now to know that my mood dictates a lot but I used to let it dictate more. I had to keep some control in some way so this is how I decided to cope. Once upon a time (almost 3 years ago), I reached a peak of over 200 pounds. I let my moods RULE me. Now I’m in my 130s (been this way for 2 years) and quite happy. I’m 5’7″and med. framed.

    For me, my crappy and ‘unwilling’ moods make me NOT want to exercise or be physical. I may just want to surf the net or lounge around and mope (heh) but as long as I’m doing that preset minimum then I won’t descend too far! Also as part of my minimum, while couch-potatoing I’ll do leg raises to work my abs….keeps my tummy flat.

    I just KNOW the maniacal, enthusiastic energy will be back around once again to sweep me off into a work-out or walking/spinning frenzy, so I don’t sweat it! lol

    I’m not sure if this is helpful for most who struggle with consistency but this is what works for me!

  5. KBLand25 J said :

    It’s a mental thing, eat the foods that you like that are healthy. Take it slow as well by doing the little things. Leaving early to walk to the bus stop or walk around the block before you go to school in a car. Do different things be creative everyday that involves excerising and lifting weights. Use your music and at the end of the day it’s about loving yourself and taking care of your body and well being if that’s not enough mo i don’t know what is!

  6. Lettuce H said :

    Oh me! Me! Yep, I have. I don’t really have any sollutions but to just keep trying.


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