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How to stay motivated at losing weight?????????????????

I have tried in the past but its SOO hard, especially when u are surrounded by fatty foods.
Im 5,4 and weigh about 12 stone so i want to lose at least enough weight off my face coz i have chubby cheeks and a double chin and i want a flat stomach becuase mine looks like ive been pregnant. 🙁

So plz any tips would be great! Im going to Italy in the summer so i want to look good and feel healthy!

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4 Responses to “How to stay motivated at losing weight?????????????????”

  1. Koko said :

    cut out junk food and do some exercise, thats the only way. your motivation is wanting to look good on holidays.

  2. L-F-x said :

    You can’t target any specific place with weight loss, its an all round thing. I would recommend cardio, definitely power walking as it worked for me, some people would say jogging or running but this can damage your knees in the long run, power walking is the best option. The food side of things, you can allow yourself a treat now and then just not all the time, try finding a substitute i found that cereal bars which have a small amount of calories and maybe a little chocolate on in e.g. special k to sooth those cravings. Keep with it, once you start to see results that will be motivation enough.

  3. Milly said :

    Hi, the secret to losing weight successfully is not about diet or exercise. There are a thousand diets out there and a thousand exercises. So there are plenty of methods to lose weight out there, but so many people fail.

    The real key is what you have said, and that is MOTIVATION!

    Keeping the motivation is the hardest thing.

    You need to work on your mind as well as your body. Think of the reasons as to why you want to lose weight. Think of what you will look like if you can stick to your plan, in about 6 months.

    Buy a dress a size or 2 smaller than you take, and decide that you will get into that dress within a certain amount of time. Look at that dress everyday, and think of how good you will look in it.

    Exercising is hard without a major goal to aim for. Decide that you are going to do a charity run in 6 months time, get your friends to sponsor you to raise money for your favourite charity. Train for that run that you are going to do so that you can give money to people who you think deserve it.

    Think everyday of where you will be in 6 months time if you do nothing.

    Think of all the people out there who are going to get sick before their time, because they couldn’t lose weight.

    I won’t tell you what exercises or what diet you should be following, because that is the easy part. The hard part is the motivation. That needs to come from inside you.

    Once you can nail down the motivation, the weight loss will be a cinch. Hope that helped, good luck.

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