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how do i stay motivated when losing weight?

I’m really overweight and I am trying to lose a bit of weight but I’m finding it really hard. I keep binge eating with really unhealthy foods and putting all the weight I lost back on.

If you have anything that has helped keep you motivated to lose weight please help me.

Thanks x

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14 Responses to “how do i stay motivated when losing weight?”

  1. paul b said :

    put a photo of you at your fattest on the fridge door and anywhere that there is food, it will spur you on to not look like the photo if that is your desire,

  2. loopy said :

    put some music on and gently dance to it stop buying unhealthy foods whats not in your fridge you cant have

  3. Lucy Lu said :

    get lots of fruits in and mark ur self smoothys and fruit salads by the time u have made one of them u get bored and cant wait to sit back down lol. then u get have ur smoothy and still eating something

  4. buggy said :

    if you want to lose weight then you will stay modivated

  5. wendy_da_goodlil_witch said :

    I carry a picture of me at my fattest in my lunch bag. or find a picture of what you want to look like and put that where you can see it. don’t buy the unhealthy foods so they’re not easy to get. buy an outfit that costs too much to get rid of but is too small to fit and work toward fitting into it. promise yourself something if you lose x amount of weight, like a manicure or some other special treat. what do YOU want that will help you lose the weight?

  6. lotte bing said :

    just keep tellin yourself how hot your gonna look for summer.good luck x

  7. 999pheebs said :

    Think of a skinny person you dislike, put some music on and dance lol, or just focus on how you want to feel when it is all said and done.
    I am not a fan of loosing weight lol i gave up on that so i am proabably not the best person to answer lol. I LOVE WEIGHT.

  8. dick19532003 said :

    im talking from experience as my wife has been dieting on and off for years and tried them all. the best bet is to join a club like wieghtwatchers or slimming world, it gives you the incentive and encouragement plus they know what you should and shouldnt eat. good luck.

  9. scots girl said :

    This is a really difficult one…….I think the trick is not to have a lot of unhealthy foods around you at home (if that’s possible). I am currently trying to lose weight too and have now started going to a gym – I am really unfit but try and go swimming, aqua aerobics etc. This keeps me out of the house until 8.30pm and by the time I get home, have my tea etc I’m ready to go to bed. Fill your time with other things – dancing, singing etc (I also bought singstar on PS2 which stops me eating on a Saturday night). The other thing is, have a little of what you like – if you deprive yourself, you will quickly become bored and will binge eat. I have some chocolate every Saturday and a bottle of wine. Then, on a Sunday I do a little bit of exercise to cancel that out, go back on to my healthy eating then look forward to Saturday again. I have lost 7kg in the last month so something must be working. Having smaller clothes you keep trying on can also be a good motivator! Good luck!

  10. loulou said :

    Make a chart with a box representing each pound / Kg and cross off as you go, It is very satifying. treat yourself to whatever you like eg: a new handbag.or shoes when you’ve lost a certain amount of weight. Like every 7lbs.
    Good Luck!!

  11. Enduranceninja said :

    This does not only apply to weight loss but to motivation. Post picture of your goals such as how you want to look like around the house. Maybe even post your goals written down around the house. Every morning look at your list of goals and study them maybe even do this a few times a day. Do a reward system. Such as if you lose an X amount of weight or stay with your workouts for a week you get a gift. Make sure the gift will also help in your weight loss. A candy bar as a gift for losing weight does not help. And remember you might fall back on your goals but just get right back at it. Just because you had a donut for a snack does not mean you should throw the diet out the window for the rest of the day.

    Good Luck

  12. native c said :

    You won’t like this, however if I am not candid with you, nothing will ever change.
    1. Stop stuffing food in your mouth
    2. Get a pair of running shoes and start running
    3. Stop making excuses for not running
    4. Stop thinking that I am being nasty
    5. Get off your gluteus maximus and make it happen
    6. Stop negating the fact that you eat too much
    7. You chose and paid for being overweight….only you can change it!
    Good luck, I wish you well!!!

  13. oldgit said :

    Look in the mirror!!

    This is serious anwer downthumber! Have you been fat? Do you have a mirror? I’ve lost 90 pounds spurred on by just that! And you?

  14. Angela said :

    I am struggling with the same thing. My friend told me to try this. Stick up a picture on the fridge of how I would like to look or how I used to look before I put the weight on, and start to visualise I am already there. I am also using a self hypnosis cd. Look up innertalk cds by eldon taylor they have one on weight loss. I may get that one myself later.


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