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If you lose enough weight can you get rid of a chubby or fatty face?

My friend has been desperately trying to lose weight for ever since I met her in the sixth grade. I’m 14 she’s 15 now. She wants to lose weight so she could look better. I know she has the potential.

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4 Responses to “If you lose enough weight can you get rid of a chubby or fatty face?”

  1. &♥; said :

    I lost alot of weight this year. Pictures that were taken of me before i lost all that weight i could tell that i had a way chubbier face. So yes if you lose enough weight you can lose weight in you face too. by the way i lost 10 pounds so you friend doesnt have to lose that much for her face to get less chubbier.
    I hope i helped you and your friend 🙂

  2. kittybyebye said :

    I have been loosing weight and yes I have lost weight in my face. You can really tell the difference. My double chin is almost gone. I HAVE ONE CHIN! Lol but yes you can get rid of a chubby face with exercise, healthy eating, and weight loss. Good luck to both.

  3. Dubbl1 said :

    A lot of people tend to show weight gain in their face. Some people, no matter how much weight is lost, will still have chubby cheeks. Chances are with any weight loss, your face will show changes too. It is impossible to lose weight over your whole body and not show some changes in the face too.

  4. Nata Jones said :

    you have to do cardio to lose weight 4-6 times a week for 30-50min and combine it with light weight training – face is the first part of body that starts looking slimmer because it has just a little layer of fat


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