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How much weight to lose before it is noticable on my face?

Since I had my son I put on a 20lb now I am slowly losing the weight again and so far have lost 8lb. At what point during my weight loss will i notice on my face. I have a 12lb to lose before I am at my original weight, and at that weight I had nice cheekbones. My boyfriend said I would notice it by now as you lose weight on your face first, but I havent. I am worried that I will still have chubby cheeks

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5 Responses to “How much weight to lose before it is noticable on my face?”

  1. ●мя. נкн●♂ said :

    only like 8-10 lbs hun!

    at least thats how much for me, i lost up to 20 lbs in 4 months and i have a pretty hot jaw line!

  2. clbinmo said :

    Depends on the person, we all start losing weight first in different places. Good Luck!!

  3. LorHod36 said :

    For me, it’s about 10lbs, it varies from person to person…

  4. pinebarrons1 said :

    Varies from each person. I love wgt first in my face and then goes down from there. Last to go is the butt. Don’t forget to exercise and drink lots of water and the weight will come off quicker.

  5. LindaLou said :

    No, he’s wrong. You do not necessarily lose it in your face first. Everyone is different and everyone loses and gains weight differently. Keep working at it and doing what you’re doing. It is obviously working for you. It will come off of your face too.


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