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what will make you lose weight fast, diet and exercise or weight loss using electric currents?

my sister in law is going to spend 100 euros on eletric current weight loss with 20 sessions.. suppose to make you lose 3-4 inches where you want it… but I don’t think it would really work…. which do you think will work faster in two months, 20 sessions of eletric currents, or two months of strict diet and exercise?

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9 Responses to “what will make you lose weight fast, diet and exercise or weight loss using electric currents?”

  1. Karen J said :

    i personally think youd be better off exercising with a healthy diet dont skip meals though thats not good at all it makes you put on weight if anything really quickly

  2. pip said :

    diet and exercise.. first.. if you don’t change the habit that made you (in this case your sister) overweight to start with, then it all comes back when you get off the “treatment”. second.. electric currents build muscle in specific area (wherever the current is ran) and don’t elevate your heart rate.. so it won’t do anything to raise the metabolism and overall health. finally.. don’t you think we get enough radiation in our bodies as it is? why add more.

    think of it like this.. electric current weight loss is a band-aid to the problem, but diet and exercise is the cure.

  3. Weight Loss said :

    I don’t know too much about using electric current to lose weight. However, I do know that by using Stack Body Tune Up, I lost 32 pounds in 69 days.

    If I can be of further assistance, let me know.

    [email protected]

  4. technical difficulties said :

    well your sister was just scammed out of some considerable money.

    why do folks do this to themselves?

    what’s wrong with a basic, well balanced diet? ???? eat one eats right… one doesn’t need to lose weight!

    tell her next time save her money for a car or a trip to some exotic land and while she’s at it.. eat her veggies, fruit.. drink her water.. and exercise.. and put back that money for something REAL.

    that’s a SCAM… most diets are SCAMS.

    strict diets are failures… you starve the body then when you stop the diet the body fights to keep the fats you eat and you’ll gain weight back.. if not double.

    well balanced diet..

    here we have this.. it’s not a scam or a gimmick it’s just a lay out of what you need to keep healthy and the weight off.

  5. Tomteboda said :

    Electrocuting yourself should make you lose weight faster. Dead people always lose weight faster.

    Seriously, though, the whole electroshock thing is a total scam. There’s really no such thing as “targeted weight loss” unless you undergo surgery, which any physician will tell you is again not a substitute for regular exercise and a healthy diet. Forget “quick”.. get-rich-quick and get-thin-quick schemes always fall through and the one who tries them winds up paying more than they ever dreamed.

  6. [email protected] said :

    Diet and exercise. She is getting a quick fix. Diet and exercise will give long term benefits.

    Here is what I would recommend.

    Diet is extremely important. To slim your body you must:

    Burn more calories than you eat.

    Cut your fat intake.

    Eat three cups of fat free low cal yogurt a day (make sure it has live cultures in it) and pineapples. This helps you break down your food.

    Do 45-60 min. of aerobic exercise a day (preferably before you eat in the morning). This will attack the fat.

    Do 30 min of weight training three times a week. This will build lean muscle which will in turn burn fat.

    I lost 40 lbs in two months and have kept it off for two more months doing this. I also took my body fat % from 30% to 14% and lost 4 inches off my waist.

    Be Blessed

  7. peacemaker said :

    She would probably benefit more from mesotherapy, diet, and exercise. Have her check out this site…

  8. □□□□□ said :

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  9. kennybp9 said :

    I think you’re sister will be “shocked” to find she will spend this money and it won’t help. Sounds like a scam. Good old diet and exercise will help her. Tell her to use the money on a gym membership.


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