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Menstrual problems-how much weight loss is considered excessive?

I am 16 and haven’t had my period for 3/4)months. I have had periods for 4 years and before the last few months I had a fairly regular cycle. The only reason I can think of is weight loss-I have lost a stone in the past 6 months. However I am still a healthy weight, do NOT have an eating disorder-would this be enough weight loss to cause period loss?


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5 Responses to “Menstrual problems-how much weight loss is considered excessive?”

  1. kerjam74 said :

    a person on average can loose a 2/3pounds a week healthly, loosing a stone in 6mths is just about right. Your body is still devolping and it could take until your 18 before you have a set regular pattern, im 33 and still dont. If your that worried i would nip and see your dr. As for the weight loose i would just eat health because as I said before your body is still developing. good luck x

  2. Earl said :

    I would say see your obgyn doc and run the stuff by him or her asap.

    Drink plenty of water, exercises and be careful to eat a well balanced diet. Do not skip the veggies or the fruits, in fact, if i were you I would say you need to triple your fruits and veggie intake just for starters. If you can do 5 times more that would be even better. You will feel better and be better.


  3. Willim said :

    Other than irregular periods you have the opposite of the symptoms on this list

    Miriam wrote her story in 1997 and revised it in 2002.

    Stress –> Hormone Imbalance –> “Health Issue”

    Perhaps your source of stress is due to “worrying about things”

    The majority of women with hormone imbalance are oestrogen dominant. You may have gone the other way and become progesterone dominant.

    Excess estrogen “tells the body” to store excess food as fat

    Progesterone “tells the body” to use food and fat as energy. This appears to be the situation you are in. You can eat “slightly more.”

    As a preliminary do the on line hormone tests at or

    If as I suspect they recommend you obtain hormones please have a saliva test done see or A saliva test will check out active hormones something that blood tests do not.

    If a hormone is suggested by the saliva test please take the dose suggested. Size 10 shoes are not twice as good if you have size 5 feet.

    The WHO (World Health Organisation) uses saliva tests.

    A transcript of a John Lee talk

    I have transcribed John Lee’s December 2002 & &June 2003 talks[email protected]/willim_001

    Any of these talks explain why for active hormone levels a blood test is worthless. Blood tests find hormones, but they are the ones on their way out of the body. They are not the active hormones.

    Search the web for “natural progesterone weight loss” and you will find many pages suggesting progesterone to losse weight, you want to do the opposite.

    However I would rely on a saliva test to confirm the requirement for the correct hormones.

    There is a list of doctors at who are aware of the benefits of natural hormones they may be more helpful than your GP. Maybe you are about to educate your GP before using the hormones.

    In countries other than the UK there are doctors knowledgeable about natural progesterone and other hormones

    Natural hormones means natural to humans i.e. identical to that produced by the human body.

    For a good explanation of how vital natural progesterone is to humans see
    and other pages on this site

    Wild yam is that Wild Yam the body will not convert it to progesterone. Also do not take fake/synthetic progesterone/progestins or other hormones manufactured by the drug companies they will be of NO benefit.

    After having done a saliva test any hormones you buy must be natural hormones USP. USP means United States Pharmacopoeia.

    Hope this of benefit to you..

  4. Mary said :

    I am over wieght and i want to shed pounds 5 9 and 29 female

  5. Taylor Ramsuer said :

    thought provoking comments here


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