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Should I tone before or after weight loss?

I weigh 157 and my goal is to get down around 120 or 115. Should I lose the weight first and then do toning exercises or should I do it during the weight loss?

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3 Responses to “Should I tone before or after weight loss?”

  1. Dave said:

    It’s all part of the same process. Exercise tones and burns calories.

    You need to eat appropriately too. There’s little sense burning off calories if you’re still eating too many. They go in MUCH quicker and easier than they come off.

    Remember, it’s a gradual process – don’t try to lose more than, say, 4 pounds each week. Rapid weight loss is likely to leave you feeling unwell and with saggy skin.

  2. Odette Galka said:

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  3. Dr Frank said:

    If you are exercising regularly and vigorously you will do both at the same time.


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