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Can stretch marks disappear after weight loss?

Ive gained quite a bit of weight in the past couple of years and got dark and very visible stetch marks because of this. Can these disappear with weight loss?

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8 Responses to “Can stretch marks disappear after weight loss?”

  1. KiKi ♥ said :

    Mines haven’t dissapeared. But they don’t really bother me as I am the only one who can see them anyway.

  2. simplynah said :

    no stretch marks will never go away. if anything you can catch them when they’re still fresh (when they’re red) and those can go away if you treat them properly with the appropriate moisturizers and what not, but the ones that have already settled will be there forever unless you get them removed by a dermatologist and the most you can do is made it fade a shade darker or lighter depending on your skin tone.

  3. Mycroft Holmes said :

    No…they are scars where tissue has been torn and separated.

  4. Sugar & Spice said :

    No – I have even bought the creams & nothing works !

  5. Duisend-poot said :

    No they will be with you for the rest of your life, i have a few. Don’t worry about it, remember all those celebs you see in mags and on tele are airbrushed, live with it and don’t let it make you unhappy .:)

  6. Jo-Jo said :

    But they do tend to fade eventually.

  7. JACKIE T said :

    No. But they do fade after about 6/10 months.

    I lost 58lbs nearly 3 years ago. I have now some stretch marks on my shoulders and the bottom of my back. These weren’t there before. But I have noticed the ones on my shoulders have slightly faded.

  8. $Girly$ said :

    No, if you have a drastic weight gain then the marks stay, they are just like when people get scars thay stay, unless you use creams.


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