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Please explain the Slimming World Success Express plan?

I have lost some weight at slimming world, but would like to speed up my weight loss a bit. I struggle to work out what people must be eating on this success express plan. Do you have any practical tips?
Many thanks!

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2 Responses to “Please explain the Slimming World Success Express plan?”

  1. Kerry K said :

    success express:

    have 3 meals per day at each meal:

    fill 2 thirds of your plate with superfree foods (food free on BOTH green and red days)

    fill the remaining third of your plate with foods free on either day for example a jacked potato with tunafish

    you will notice that most of the superfree foods are also speed and superspeed foods which will boost your weight loss – these are listed on the gold pages of your SW hand book.

    also have your 3 or 4 healthy extras each day and any syns you have count at the higher value. hope that helps

  2. Lino said :

    Hi Caroline,

    I have started a diet a week ago and I have lost 4 pounds in a week, I have much energy than before , its a programme that last 1 month and give me all the vitamins I need. Its called ”Life Style 30 days” but there is another programme call ”Life Style 9 days” that last 9 days, if you like the website its;

    This programme keeps me motivated by having good eating habits and improving my health by losing weight.

    You can find there lots of products that help you to improve your heath. It works for me!!

    The programme is so popular that i just check out the stock in that website and run out but there are others porducts and programme that might help you


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