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Is it true that feeling cold all the time is a sign of having lost too much weight?

I was already at a healthy weight but have recently lost a few more pounds and am now finding myself feeling cold all the time. I cannot get warm. I didn’t link this to my weight loss until several people independently suggested to me that it could be because of my weight loss.

Does becoming ‘too skinny’ really cause you to feel cold?

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8 Responses to “Is it true that feeling cold all the time is a sign of having lost too much weight?”

  1. ♥Gabi♥ said:

    can you please post your height and weight- i will tell you if you are too skinny

  2. cilh said:

    no but anemia can, low iron in your blood

  3. Buddha said:

    Another possibility is that your thyroid is not producing enough thyroxin. I would see your G.P. just to make sure. This was a symptom my friend had; she also felt rather tired all of the time.

  4. Kelsey said:

    well the less body fat you have the colder you get. its not necessarily unhealthy. but if you were already at a healthy weight, and you just lost more. i would suggest not loosing anymore. possibly gaining two or three pounds.

  5. It's Nesmii b*tchh!! said:

    it could also be because of lack of iron in ur body….try eating more foods with iron and see if there is an improvement

  6. JustineTime said:

    Losing weight lowers the metabolism which means you won’t burn calories at the same rate because your body has gone into ‘starvation mode’. Your body doesn’t know the difference between starvation and dieting so it tries to conserve energy by lowering your metabolic rate.
    One day, if you eat a big fish and chip supper (for example) you’ll find yourself roaring hot in bed due to your metabolism racing up to digest all those carbs and protein.

  7. Lorza said:

    Being too skinny means you aren’t getting enough of the correct nutrients that your body needs to keep healthy (and warm) and you also don’t have enough fat to keep you warm.

  8. tiffany said:

    I don’t if weight-loss itself could be the reason your unable to get warm but, the way your body reacted weight-loss could have caused anemia(sp?). Anemia is where your blood lacks iron. I know for a fact anemia causes you to change temperature alot and your unable to keep a consistant body temp. For example: During these summer months while everyone is hot and wearing shorts i wear hoodies on somedays because i find it chilly outside…so I am anemic and my advice would be to go get blood work from your doctor.


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