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Atkins Diet- how much weight loss is expected?!?

Hello, I have started the atkins diet today, SOOO far I am finding it really easy.
Anyway, my question is, how much weight is usually lost in the induction phase during the first 2 weeks?
I usually loose weight very quickly, even on weight watches points program I loose 2kg per week. Although, I am trying atkins for something different as I am finding it difficult to motivate myself at the moment and keep loosing weight and putting it back on as Iv had holidays, birthdays and a nightmare 2 months.

For anyone that wants to know, my current weight is 88.8kg, height 1.7m, and large athletic frame ( built like a bloke). Approx weight loss for the 2 week period strictly sticking to atkins induction program.

Thanks, all answers will be highly appreciated… if they are not nasty hehe

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4 Responses to “Atkins Diet- how much weight loss is expected?!?”

  1. Christina K said :

    be careful my aunt did that diet and she had severe stomach aches

  2. magnum0430 said :

    Most people will see the scale move immediately, but this is due to the loss of water weight. I’ve heard of people losing 10-20 pounds in the first two weeks but it was mainly water; REAL weight loss will begin to occur after two or three weeks. You should aim for 1-3 pounds a week after the initial drop.

    *Edit*: I forgot to mention that I don’t really recommend using Atkins either. I have also heard of people experiencing problems while on it.

  3. ranunculusviridis said :

    I agree with Christina K. I did something very similar and had many inner problems, leading to four surgeries and nearly four months in the hospital (total).

    Here’s a good free “diet” which helps you keep on track:

  4. bassetnut said :

    It can really vary, depending on your age, your metabolism, how insulin resistant you are, your food choices, how much weight you need to lose etc.


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