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Fat loss. How do you explain that a woman doesn’t lose weight on a 1200-1500 kCal/day diet ?

Fat loss. How do you explain that a woman – 35 years old, 162 cm, 75 kg (170 Lbs ) – doesn’t lose weight on a 1200 – 1500 kCal a day diet. She exercises almost every day, almost 2 hours, cardio and weight training.
According with teoretical calculations her Basal Metabolism should be at leat 1500-1800 Cal/day + at least 1000 extra cal ( exercise + others ) she should burn at least 2500 Cal a day.

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9 Responses to “Fat loss. How do you explain that a woman doesn’t lose weight on a 1200-1500 kCal/day diet ?”

  1. Lisa B said :

    Maybe thyroid related?

  2. Kathryn said :

    she might be thinking she isnt eating more than that amount when really she is eating more and not saying so.

  3. alblaw2003 said :

    lots of reasons…

    your body is used to your diet and exercise routine and it’s adjusted it’s metabolism.

    you could be slowing down your metabolism by eating too little

    you could be slowing down your metabolism by eating infrequently (you need to eat 5-6 times a day to increase metabolism)

    pateince – how long have you been doing this (don’t expect results too soon)

    you can try these programs :

  4. paula42038 said :

    need to talk to a doctor.

  5. Woodworkingmenace said :

    Ok, the Body adjust to certain conditions…

    If she has been doing this for a very long time, she needs to alter her routine!

    Try swimming. (its a whole body workout).

    Also, look at what she is eating. (Stay away from breads and any kind of startches like rice and potatoes, and pastas!).

    Meat and vegetables is what is going to get her lean.
    (You feed grain to cattle, to fatten them up, just like you feed grains, (starches) to people to fatten them up too, because you dont burn enough off, or, if you do, you must take in enough so that your not burning more than your taking in).

    Obviously, you have to “burn” more than your taking in, and if your taking in the “wrong things”, then its not doing you any good.

    Get ahold of a lot of diet books… and read them. (Before you EVEN think of doing a diet… read at leat 10 books, so that you find out what everyones opinion is, and who agrees on what, and you will find out that most will say that meat and vegetables is the way to lose the weight).

    I wish you well..


  6. PP RBB said :

    1. Could be thyroid/metabolism disorder. Get checked out by doctor. Checkup with urine and blood tests will give the right answer.

    2. May hate to admit but is this person being honest about calorie intake? might be 1200-1500 with an extra “off the record” 1200 of binging a day. Might need a little discipline, structure or help like Weight Watchers.

    It takes time and there are lots of ups and downs. I know from personal experience. It takes time too. Sounds like she is doing right things but check out #1 and 2 above.

  7. Jay The Jester said :

    if you eat too Little your body goes into starvation mode where it try’s to conserve energy and store as much food as it possibly can as fat to tide you over so your weight loss is a lot less than expected normally your body does let some of the calories go to waste another possibility in insulin or thyroid problems

  8. pugsley said :

    welcome to the club.i can’t get rid of my sparetire.something you dont do right.i suggest you join weight watchers. they don’t give you weird food and they have a common sense approach. my wife lost 120 pound with them over 18 months and kept it off too

  9. prettyinpunkk said :

    Probably not eating enough. You need a minimum of 1600 calories a day. Try 1800 calories per day and spread it out over the day while eating every 3 hours or so. This should help. If not it may be a medical problem.


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