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How come I haven’t lost any weight?

I have Diarrhoea for at least the past two weeks which I suspect is due to the two Yazoo shakes I have been having as meal replacements – I have now stopped drinking them. The thing is that although I was only eating one meal a day, I have actually gained weight (around 5 lbs) in a two week period. I was lead to believe that excess loss of liquid would result in weight loss.

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8 Responses to “How come I haven’t lost any weight?”

  1. Fork UK said :

    Just because you’re eating less (one meal a day) doesn’t mean that you’ll loose weight.

    All you’re doing is confusing your body. If you continue this way, it will store the one meal a day you eat as fat because it doesn’t know when it’s going to get fed again.

    Replacing meals with Yazoo milkshakes is absolutely ridiculous.

  2. (paul) said :

    becouse you eat too many chocalate cakes fatty

  3. Maria said :

    If you’re only drinking shakes and having one meal a day, your eating too little. This, in turn, has caused weight gain.

  4. Alex said :

    If u look like u’ve lost weight then who cares what the scale says

  5. T ! N A said :

    Exercising the most effective way to lose weight. NOT only eating one meal per day. All that does is store more fat to your body.

    (exercise + eating healthy= amazing results.)
    (exercise + eating unhealthy=neutral results.)
    (no exercise + eating healthy= neutral results.)
    (no exercise + eating unhealthy= BAD.)

    It’s like math, positive plus a negative cancels out.
    negative plus negative equals MORE negative.
    And of course, positive + positive = happy. 🙂

  6. iLickU said :

    Step 1 – Replace all the crap you’re eating with REAL food. Read the LABELS. You do not want foods with ingredients that you do not recognize (Kraft Foods is a huge culprit in the food additives business). Red meat, leafy greens, lower sodium, whole milk and fiber-rich, whole grain bread will aid in a healthier body (and the whole milk will aid in weight loss). I know, you thought whole milk was bad because omg it has fat, but it has been scientifically proven to help you lose weight at a healthy rate. Probably because skim and low-fat milks are fortified with fake, factory-produced “vitamins”. Eat in moderation (tip: if you eat slower, you will get full faster.)

    Step 2 – Exercise at least 5 days a week. Mix up your exercises and make them last 20-30 minutes. (tip: targeted weight loss is not achievable so it’s important to do a different exercise every day, giving each of your muscles, and most importantly your heart, an equal workout.)

    Step 3 – Maintain your healthy diet and moderate exercise after you’ve lost the weight you wanted. Otherwise, you’re on your on your way back to where you started and nobody wants that.

  7. harlina said :

    Starving yourself with just a shake is not the answer. We feel hungry because the body is telling us that we need to eat.
    Going hungry will tell the body that food is scarce and therefore the body will start preparing to face future food scarcity by saving the eaten food as fat. Thus, instead of losing, you gain weight.
    Starving yourself is just not healthy.
    Get more information on how to eat right in order to lose weight. Some food do help increase our rate of metabolism.

  8. aeritht said :

    Thats simple, when you stop eating, your body starts saving fat!! It means that everything you eat, yer body will do whats possible to keep its fat. It happens because yer body knows its not receiving enough food and it saves the maximum it can to keep itself working properly. Its a defense mechanism.

    Doing that, you reduce yer metabolism speed, whats not good for losing weight. You should do the opposite, eat every 3 hours (small portions of healthy food) to boost it up!!

    If you keep mistreating yer body like that, there will come a day youll start losing weight, of course…but not in a healthy way. Youll get tired easily, yer nails will become really fragile, yer hair will break, … there are many others stuffs that might happen if u dont stop doing that to yourself!!

    Eat 6 times a day, and drink a lot of water. U should raise your intake of fibers and reduce the intake of salt, sugar, fast food and fried food.

    Good : whole wheat bread/rice, lean meat, vegetables, legumes, oatmeal, fruits, granola, water, extra virgin olive oil, nuts, chocolate cacao 70% or over…

    Bad : white bread, fat, salt, sugar, processed food, fried food, …

    Its not only about losing weight, its about being healthy!! Being thin and sick wont do u any good!! Make yerself a favor and be thin and healthy!!

    Good luck 🙂


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