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I’ve been working out 4/week doing jus cv work and also dieting with weight watchers but not losing weight, y?

I lost 35lbs doing weight watchers over the past couple of years and now decided I need to start excersising to tone up and lose the last stone before summer but in the past 2 weeks i’ve only lost 1lb, ive been sticking to a strict diet and doing about 6-8 hours doing CV work at the gym, I feel like this hard work isnt paying off at all.

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4 Responses to “I’ve been working out 4/week doing jus cv work and also dieting with weight watchers but not losing weight, y?”

  1. Alijah A said:

    Actually, you don’t have to diet per se if you want to lose weight, the sole diet which really showed results for me is wu-yi tea, it can be seen in the resource box underneath, they have a limited number of free trials in stock, it has been highlighted in Fox News and CNN. I worked off 25 pounds, it really does produce success!

  2. bobcatt said:

    you gotta see this!


    he just re-did his web site … now you can see videos of actual transformations … WOW !!!!!!!!

    absolutely amazing … !!

    bet ya it works for you ….

  3. JON M said:

    Cut your strict diet in half.

  4. CtetMoi said:

    Here’s the problem.

    Weight Watchers is great as it helps you lose weight by cutting calories. When you cut calories, you body thinks it’s getting starved and will store you eat to live off as fat. So you lose weight, but you’re losing muscle.

    When you consider 1lb of muscle burns 14cals/day and 1lb fat burns 2cals/day, you can see you get a problem. Especially when you get to the latter end of your diet.

    Weight Watchers also only goes off weight. If you’re putting on muscle through exercise and burning fat (muscle is heavier than fat) the scales are not going to indicate the results to you. You need to get your body fat tested.

    Here is a way to get that last st off:
    Get your weight in kgs. Multiply your kgs x 1.56, this will tell you the amount of protein in grammes you should be eating per day.

    Also find out how many calories you burn (RMR -resting metabollic rate, men ave 2000 cals/day, women 1500).

    Then eat the right amount of protein, reduce your calorie intake 500 below your RMR and research shows you will lose 2lbs of FAT per week.

    Best to eat 4 – 6 small meals per day.

    Exercise wise, you need to do 3 20 mins sessions per week. Choose your machine, running, rowing etc. Do 5 mins at a gentle pace, then up your pace each minute for the next 4 mins, repeat this cylce. Then the last 2 mins the gentle pace to warm down.

    Combine these you’ll burn fat and shape up.


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