I have been exercising and dieting for a month now and I’ve not lost any weight, Why?

I do step aerobics three times a week and weight training/toning three or four times a week. I’m also eating healthily but nothing seems to be happening. Can anyone give me some advice on what I should do? I’m desperate to lose at least half a stone in weight and get back into my size 10 clothes for the summer.

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11 Responses to “I have been exercising and dieting for a month now and I’ve not lost any weight, Why?”

  1. girliegirl said:

    it takes time…and remember the last 20or so pounds are the hardest to lose.

  2. lisa. said:

    your probably building muscle

  3. Emily said:

    excersising doesnt help u loose weight

  4. MSMajor said:

    Your metabolism as reacted to this change very quickly. I would still eat occasional treats, eat regularly but small meals to kick- start it, drinks LOADS of green tea, it works! I find eating vegetarian foods helps me keep my weight down and keep on keeping on with the exercise, you’ll see a change!

  5. escher2003v2 said:

    You are burning fat and building muscle. Muscle is much denser than fat, so it is heavier.

    Thats why I say pay no attention to the scale. Watch your waist, not your weight!

  6. ♥hoozahunny♥ said:

    I’d advise you to monitor your weight loss, not only by the scales, but by taking measurements. The exercise will tone you up, giving you more muscle, which weighs more than fat.

    Although in a way, it doesn’t actually weigh more than fat – just takes up much less space, therefore you could stay the same weight, but you may start to appear slimmer.

    It’s quite hard to get your head around, but this is why some people can say that they weigh 140 lbs and are a size 10, where you might also have someone who weighs the same/has same height, but is a size 12/14.

  7. Mattie J said:

    you gotta burn more calories than you take in. eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean you are cutting calories–watch your portions.

    the jury is still out on this, but weight training isn’t helping you lose weight. it was believed that muscles burn more energy than fat, but the latest studies disagree, and even so, weight training isn’t near as helpful to you than aerobic exercise.

    try doing aerobics for 6 days a week, and lift some weights after your workout.

  8. ..alice.. said:

    you might just have a slow metabolism, which means your body doesn’t burn energy as fast as some people’s. Just keep going you’ll get there.

  9. Takfam said:

    I feel you. I’ve been lifting since the beginning of the year (my resolution was to study weight training and add it to my workout). I haven’t lost very much, but I can literally see muscles coming out on my skin now. They’re not large and they’re not buff and defined, but they’re not the amorphous blobs of fat they were before. I’m getting results, but they’re not translating to the scale. I could care less. I know my training is working and will work if I keep at it. Throw your scale out the window. Seek results, not numbers.

    EDIT: Try replacing or modifying your Aerobics with Interval Training. You can do it with any cardio exercise and it’s designed to burn fat and retain muscle. Maybe that will help you see some results more quickly.

  10. sandra e said:

    I am in the same boat as you. I have worked out for a month: 5 times a week i do cardio and 3 times i do weight training and i have cut out junk food. I havent lost anything but the thing that keeps me going is that i have lost inches. I lost 3 inches off my waist and i know that i lost in my thighs but not sure how much.

    Keep it up and try not to pay as much attention to the scale and more attention to the inches you are losing….that is what keeps me motivated.

    Good luck and i hope you get down for summer.

  11. Heal M said:

    its takes a bit more time at the beginning, but after six weeks to eight weeks you see a difference. but you leave it in between than no use. also control your diet accordingly by drinking a lot of water.

    if nothing is helping check for pathological conditions like thyroid. if thats the case try these
    Yoga, meditation, Pilate
    Breathing exercises
    Acupuncture helps for addiction and cure try http://www.acupuncture.com
    Chinese Herbal medicine is very good
    Good luck


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