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How does losing weight process work and why after several months of working out nothing happens?

I heard first when you start the losing weight (diet and excercise) you first lose 8-10 pounds of water and after that you lose about 2-3 pounds a week on average. What is the process how long do you have to wait for the first 8-10 pounds of water weight? Why also after working out several months after you lost some weight nothing happens. I heard it’s called a “platue” and you have to find some way to shock your body so you can continue to lose weight. So if anyone knows please help and let me know and can you please be detailed about it? Provide me about how many months for the first sign of weight loss and so on. Thanks much!!

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3 Responses to “How does losing weight process work and why after several months of working out nothing happens?”

  1. tomkat1528 said :

    it’s called a plateau – sometimes you have to eat like you used to for one meal – ONE – to trick the body into thinking – “O they really didn’t mean to lose weight!” – and then go back to
    you successful lifestyle of losing weight – and fool the body into losing more

    or it may be time to step up the walking from 30 mins a day to 45 – to an hour –

    best of luck – You CAN do it !

  2. Too Curious said :

    Good lord, “shock your body”??
    I hope you are not literally meaning a shock treatment. I suggest you check out a great program called “You: on a diet”.
    One common myth my MD tried to do was to get me on a low-cal low-carb eat next to nothing diet. Then this book pointed out how that is the WRONG thing to do. Mind you, they do not mean go wild at the table, but they approach waist loss in a different manner.
    They feel if you work unnatural things out of your body, such as processed sugar, flour, etc. Your body, if you also do some exercise, will begin to regulate itself. If you starve it, you body considers that food is hard to find, so it needs to store additional fat, as much as possible, to get you through the winter without starvation.
    It is facinating all the things I have learned, and I know my doctors must’ve known this. But these two doctors also read the CD version of their book, and put out a DVD 30 minute workout. I am working on the CDs, and then the DVD.
    Also, if I slip at say Thanksgiving with a piece of pie, I will not feel like I blew it. Moreso I will make myself a thanksgiving dinner, without the sweets and lots of natural stuff, and I will eat that, (maybe a little tukey or ham).
    The doctors also state how todays beef has about 90% more fat than it did when we all farmed and grew our own food. Good luck!

  3. sanjana k said :

    The main problem why the body doesnot respond by losing weight is the resistance body gives when you limit the intake of calories drastically. The body assumes that you ar not going to feed the body so it starts storing the food and not burning, so you will have to tell your stubborn body that don’t worry i’ll will religiously feed you properly and in healthy way. The best thing is gradual decreasing the calorie intake. 1500 calories a day is pretty healthy and try to burn 300 to 400 calories by exercises. drink lots of water, else body will also store it and you will not lose weight because of water retention. Eat lot of negative calories like uncut apple with skin.

    for great weight loss tips and weight loss exercises, go to this free site.


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