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whats the quickest way to lose weight apart from the norm dieting and exercising?

i have a couple of pints evey night after work going on holiday beginning of december want to lose weight quick !!!!!!!!!!

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18 Responses to “whats the quickest way to lose weight apart from the norm dieting and exercising?”

  1. tommybear45 said :


  2. clairelington said :

    if you find out, please let me know!

  3. Dub07 said :

    amphetamines. very bad for you though, and illegal

  4. Morphine Junkie said :

    After being on morphine for several months I’ve found this is an excellent way to lose weight as you forget to eat.

    Mind you, you do forget other things too, like your name and what you were about to say…….


  5. Stella S said :

    High protein, low carb intake.

  6. shell said :

    stop going for pints and try goting to the gym and walking running going out on a bike.

  7. michaela said :

    i don’t really know..i think taking diet pills??? ’cause dieting and exercising is the main…

  8. Jack B said :

    My field is in fashion, as a result many people ask me how they can slim down. My answer is always the same: good diet and exercise. But I found this great product which I think helps a lot in the process. I recommend you check this website , they have a free trial and you only pay 5.49$ shipping and handling. Good luck!

  9. HeatherzFeatherz said :


  10. peoplehi5 said :

    switch from beer to vodka tonics or something low-cal …

    really, diet and exercise are the only way besides surgery, even most eating disorders are diet-based …

    fyi – if you try diet pills, they make most people jittery, anxious, and very irritable (they can also cause heart and liver problems)

  11. Lynn said :

    The best way to lose the weight is to watch what your eating and to try to be as active as possible. Take the stairs, walk to the corner store, just get active. Because other way are just short term.

  12. dhiru s said :

    regular exercise is must not deiting but should control a little.

  13. Leah M said :

    Apart from normal diet and exerising the best way to lose weight is to exercise lots and lots and lots!!! Change those pints to pints of water and you’ll be getting a head start too.

  14. Lucy said :

    Do a “cleanse” to detoxify your body. It will help you lose the weight by getting rid of alot of the “junk” your body has stored away. Also…that couple of pints every night aren’t helping you lose although I think you already know that.

    Drink 6 glasses of water a day and get more exercise & you’ll be surprised how much weight you can lose.

  15. luckysam said :

    Water, water and more water. Drinking lots of water is the best way to lose weight. Also, stay away from white bread. Loaded with starch. Water not only fills you up, it cleans out your kidneys and bladder.

  16. linz78 said :

    If your looking for a miracle cure you’ll be disappointed there is no easy way and also lager is packed with calories so thats doing you no favours at all. Clear spirits such as vodka with diet coke or slimline tonic would be a better choice or even better forget the pub and do something more active.

  17. HammieGirl said :

    i usually have a bad diet and i have gone from a size 8 to a 14 and now i am rly getting a start on getting my slim figure back. i am spending this week on a detox programme. u can lose up to 1 stone in this detox week, but the best thing is it cleanses ur body and makes u feel light as air.

    day 1: eat nothing but fruits. as much as u like, except bananas.

    day2: eat nothing but veg. as much as u like again! any kind u want. raw or cooked. must start day off with a baked potato for brekky tho!!

    day 3: fruits and veg all day. as much as u want. still no bananas, and no potato this day either

    day4: bananas and milk. eat up to 8 bananas and drink up to 3 glasses of milk. u can also have a water based vagetable soup for u meals.

    day 5: beef, tomatoes and veg day! hamburger is allowed (porper beef tho, no maccys!!! i was so tempted to cheap! lol).

    day 6: beef and veg again.

    day 7: brown rice, fruit juices and lots of veg.

    there r no limits as to how much u eat for this week, just eat the foods i hav advised. if u cheat u will feel like u have ruined the entire thing and go back to ur old ways.

    after this detox week, just eat sensibly. stil lots of fruits and veg. EVERYTHING IN MODERATION. a little bit of choc is good for u everyday but try to stick to dark dark choc.

    Lindt dark chocs r gorge!!!
    good luck!

    oooh and…urm…exercise. hehe. but not in the detox week, its bad enough no choc, just relax that week! 😀

  18. julie m said :

    silm fast r a gud way 4 a quick fix but do b careful tho and gud luck


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