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What’s the quickest way to lose weight (college student with belly/boob fat)?

I need to lose 15 lbs. before I go to a dance at the end of Oct.

Any suggestions on how to lose the fat quickly.

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8 Responses to “What’s the quickest way to lose weight (college student with belly/boob fat)?”

  1. Brookie said :

    Eat healthy. Exercise more. 🙂

  2. Unbelievable said :

    to lose that much.. liposuction.. but obviously not a good choice!

    dont go fasting because that will make you put on weight..

    exercise/diet could help you lose about 10 pounds by then!

  3. goatuscrow said :

    Heavy duty aerobics, running and swimming, but you must WORK.

  4. tweethawrt_09 said :

    fruits and vegetables daily!
    portioned meal
    exercise, play sports, or work out for at least 1-2 hours a day

  5. wanderingaround said :

    drink lots of water. exercise regularly. keep your diet steady. consume lots of fiber and whole grains. just make sure to have all your nutrient needs covered without having too many calories.

  6. Jimmy J said :

    eat rice and pasta its good for you and do some push up and some laps.

  7. Smiz said :

    i can give you a workout ;D

  8. Girlly said :

    If you do not buy the fatty foods, you can not consume them, when you go to the store, buy fruit, veggies, SOME carbs and cheese. Thats what I do, EAT JUST ONE COOKIE and you will never stop eating cookies and other fatty foods and therefore gain weight. When you eat fatty foods you crave fatty foods, if you want to get thin, you can never start eating the fatty foods. Also, drinking makes you put on weight way too fast. If you want to drink, I suggest not eating dinner that night (so you get drunk faster, and you aren’t dealing with the calories from dinner, AND all the alcohol calories) although you might have more of a hangover in the morning, just make sure you drink lots of water before bed. OH ALSO! only drink water and coffee. If you drink lots of coffee and smoke lots of cigarettes I can guarantee that will kill your appetite. And with meal and for snacks only drink water, juice and soda are full of fat.


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