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How can i lose weight in a couple of months without exercising because i broke my leg?

I want to lose weight about 10 pounds. How can i lose weight (about 10 pounds) in a couple of months without exercising because of my leg.

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21 Responses to “How can i lose weight in a couple of months without exercising because i broke my leg?”

  1. rainbowsunshinefairyprincess said :


  2. Mr. Angry said :

    diet, just eat healthier

  3. ♪ ♫sadeyes♪ ♫ said :
  4. jpeeb said :

    Cut back on food or pick healthier foods

  5. gallonton said :

    exersize your arms, lift weights, or just eat healthier, portion control

  6. Charles F said :

    Change your diet and use light weights with your arms to help build lean muscle cause you burn more fat when you have lean muscle

  7. rae said :

    Cut your calories down…

    You would just take in less calories your body needs in a day… You determine how many calories you need per day by your weight.

    You could also do a little arm exercising and that’ll help some to! :]

  8. David C said :

    It’s possible. What you will need to do is cut your calories from what you burn now by 500 a day. To figure out how much you burn take your current weight and multiply it by 10. And that will do it. It’s easier with exercise, but not impossible.

  9. Becky said :

    eat better of course but I’m sure there are cardio exercises that use your upper body only.

  10. Coco said :

    LOL someone said annorexia!! hahaha but seriously noooooo

    Eat yummy fresh healthy foods gradually, and freqently. (Take it from me, I weigh 45kg 🙁 I like fish, avoiding stodgy meaty foods, fresh brown bread (to full you up) have porriage in the morning with lots of fruit is really good. Still do excersize- can you go in water @ all? Use arm movements as well as crunching your abs, or using your legs in the air.

    This has been an issue with many people with disabilities who use wheelchairs but it is still possible!!

  11. DNA said :

    The thing about breaking bones is that it puts a lot of stress on the rest of your body. Your normal routine will become a workout. Your arms, if using crutches, so if you’re in a wheelchair ditch it, will be sore from stairs, walking, and any movement. Your undamaged leg will become stronger if you do not put all of your body weight on your arms, you’ll notice this when your hands and wrists become sore. It generally adjusts by itself, as your weight redistributes, however, if it does not you have to learn how to put less pressure on your arms. Other than that, eat healthy and avoid fatty foods (weight gain will be more noticeable in the broken leg after the cast is removed).

  12. amanduhhh said :

    since you broke your leg, you are probably not moving around as much, so your body needs less calories. do don’t eat as much. but you will probably still be hungry until you eat as much as you normally do. so try to eat a lot of fiber and protein so you feel full faster and longer.
    also, you can still do stuff that doesn’t involve your legs, like lifting light weights to tone your upper body, and you can do crunches and stuff like that too.
    but since you are so limited in your activity, dieting is the most important part. so eat lots of fiber and protein! (fruits and vegetables have lots of fiber so eat lots of those too)

  13. Happily married said :

    the atkins diet. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. It is the only diet I have EVER been on that I didn’t need to exercise to lose.

  14. castedlady said :

    I did very well just walking on my crutches. Look at the chart in the link below. Depending on the weather, I would walk the neighborhood or an indoor mall. Sorry about your leg, good luck. Email me if I can help.

  15. X said :

    YOU CAN NOT BURN FAT! Your body has to TURN first! This is not a slight change, this is an unbelievable experience! Your food does not let you burn fat! Your body has been degraded! You have to learn how to get back in control! You have to get your POWER back! You have to TURN!

  16. mansionghost said :

    Try the Lil Jack Workout it really works when you get well

  17. Yandri P said :

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  18. Hassan E said :

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  19. [[ theycallherlovee ]] said :

    When I broke my wrist I lowered my calorie intake and worked out my legs. Do the same, except lift light weights with your arms to build muscle.

  20. llselva4 said :

    Eat lightly and healthily; workout your upper body with light weights and bands. Go to to see suggested exercises and diet programs. It’s free!

  21. Rumble Roller Canada said :

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