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What is the best way to lose weight without exercising?

I am incapacitated and as such am unable to exercise. What sort of diet should I have to lose weight? I know many diets require exercise, and won’t allow one to lose weight while remaining sedentary. So… how should I be eating?

No diet pills. We all know those don’t work.

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11 Responses to “What is the best way to lose weight without exercising?”

  1. three3s said :

    A friend of mine uses an Acai Berry product, it flushes all the waste out your system.

    Shes lost quite a lot of weight and she swears by the stuff. She got it for free too, only had to pay like $1 shipping.

    Here’s their site:

  2. zirkamer said :

    Focus on low carb/high protein not low fat. Eat a low carb/high protein plan and you will lose weight and feel great.


  3. silkin_storm said :

    if you are incapacitated then you have a very sedentary life and you will probably find that you use little energy so need little food but the problem there is possibly not enough to get all the essential nutrients needed for total health,

    See a Dietician they are the best for real advice .

  4. nessa said :

    eat healthy food=)

  5. overunder said :

    you shouldnt go on a diet. when you gain wieght it is because you are consuming to much calories, for the ammount your body actualy needs. if you are incapacitated your body wont be burning as much calories, so the extra calories yuo eat will be stored as fat. if yuo want to lose wieght, try cutting down the ammount of calories you take in. so maybe whilst you are uinable to excercise you should eat less untill you are up and about again.

  6. Joann F said :

    Dieting is obviously your way out.

    Three steps that have really helped me are dieting, exercising, and the correct weight loss supplement for losing weight. Focus on those three things and you will lose weight considerably. I exercise 30 mins a day along with taking Proactol, a natural weight loss supplement that I saved money on at

    Good luck and stay focused = )

  7. rowlfe said :

    Your metabolism is a determining factor. Losing weight is actually easy, simply run a negative calorie balance, consume fewer calories than you burn on a regular daily basis and you will lose weight. simple. What is so hard to understand here? Even lying on a couch burns calories, depending on your specific metabolic rate. All that exercise does is make your muscles stronger and burn more calories, than wasting away as a couch potato. Consult a nutritionist about specifics as to what foods you should eat to maintain a well balanced diet and then you count calories and reduce the calories you consume to something less than you burn and you will lose weight. No magic bullet, no tricks, no fad diets, BUT also NO OVERNIGHT results either! Losing weight by running a negative calorie balance takes TIME, weeks, months if you want to remain healthy while doing so. Of course, you could also try the unhealthy route and simply stop eating and starve yourself…

  8. sexymama08 said :

    Check this site out. It might be perfect for u.

  9. breyet_leyet said :

    Diet pills don’t work after they took out ephedra.

    Actually, I recovered from a long injury, I went thru 5 doctors to do it. My last doctor a pain management doctor was like obsessed about me losing weight. I was only 35 pounds overweight, comfortable, so wasn’t an issue, getting out of pain was.
    I don’t know what your health issue is, there are pain meds that will kill your appetite.
    I remember , think something like tomax? Starts with a t, think there was an x or c in it. Not Topimax , I don’t think.. I hated the drug, Made me feel like I had the flu. Yeah I didn’t eat, felt awful.
    But the point is, did you mention your desire to lose weight to your doctor? He may be able to help. I think the drug I was trying to think of was in the antidepressant category. They have a pain reducing side effect on the nervous system.

    Anyway, the way to lose weight is to go hungry.
    You can trick your brain to interpret hunger pains differently, if you can wait 20 minutes hunger pains, pangs stop.
    The right medication, you won’t feel the hunger pains. Then you will get shakes or feel weak, then you will know it is time to eat something.
    If not dealing with pain issues, for a limited time, if you can go to bed hungry. I remember Katherine Zeta Jones said after her pregnancy it was painful, utter torure losing weight after the birth. She went hungry to lose the weight. Well if I made millions of dollars by looking good, guess I would go hungry for 6 weeks also.
    Hard disabled, hopefully you are not eating as something to do, as a pleasure.
    You can eat low calorie foods that expand with water to feel full. Popcorn then water. Rice cakes, then water. Various chips, corn chips then water.
    if you play with hunger feelings you can eat 3-4 bites to stop the hunger pangs so the stomach has something to digest, but not eat to being full. I believe it shrinks the stomach and you need less food to feel full. Do not overeat, no buffets, don’t stretch out the stomach.
    Weight loss will be gradual, and start and stop as metabolism set points set and reset.

  10. J.J said :

    Dont exercise, dont diet, just dont eat, hang out and Get new friends.

  11. tkoif said :

    Actually exercising is only 20% of the battle against weight while the 80% remaining is proper diet.

    I was just like you few weeks ago until I found the product with the most ideal dieting technique.

    In case you want to know more, I wrote a review about this product at

    Hope you can check this out because it has worked for me, it might work for you too!


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