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I want to have a breast reduction and also am in the process of losing weight, should I lose the weight first?

I started losing weight a couple months ago and so far of lost 20 lbs, and want to lose 30 or more lbs. Does anyone know if I should wait to have the reduction.

I have a couple reasons why I would like to have it before I am finished losing my weight. One I am getting married Aug. of next year, and it would be nice if I am going to do it, to have it done before the wedding. At this point I have enough time to heal before the wedding. The other reason is that I have a $1200 deductable on my insurance and I have used it this year, so it would be nice to have it done this year so I don’t have to pay the 1200 if I don’t end up needing to use that all next year.

Let me know your thoughts.

I am a 42DD (possibly DDD) and would like to go to a C.

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30 Responses to “I want to have a breast reduction and also am in the process of losing weight, should I lose the weight first?”

  1. dukalink6000 said :

    Lose the weight first and see what is left. perhaps you may not need it

  2. brinlarrr said :

    yes lose weight first, in the obese most of the breast tissue is fat , additionally you run the risk of losing feeling to your nipples in the operation and you will have scaring
    do it the hard slow way first and see how it works out, losing 1200 and losing the sensativity in your nipples seems to be an easy choice

  3. medellia1984 said :

    If you lose weight, your breasts will get smaller as well. You might not even need a reduction at all once you’ve reached your goal weight.

  4. mr conker said :

    lose the weight first.

  5. * tj * said :

    Hi there.

    I was under the impression that our breast are made up (mostly) of fat cells, so based on that opinion, I would say to wait (could save yourself the process).

    However, perhaps you should speak to the surgeon to find out? Or maybe even someone who wouldn’t be quite so biased.

    Just my thought. : )

  6. chew said :

    you should wait because as you loose weight your breast will strink 2…

  7. lisabug7777 said :

    One thing about being over weight is that a lot of fat goes to the breasts on men and women. I would bet that most of your breasts are fat. I’m really trying not to be offensive here, by the way.
    The best thing to do is lose the weight first, because you will lose A LOT in the breasts and you shouldn’t spend so much money, healing time or any time on them just yet because it’ll probably be a waste.
    Good luck, though.

    PS how are you losing so much weight? I really would like to drop mine as well and I’m not quite sure the best way to go about doing it.

  8. (¯`¤ AR§ENIC ¤´¯) said :

    I have studied plastic surgery. Send a picture of yourself without clothing to my e-mail and I’ll give you my diagnosis freely.

  9. delphina0723 said :

    You should lose the weight first, you’ll lose more from your breasts if you continue to lose weight, and then if you have the breast reduction now and still lose weight you might end up with even smaller breasts and then want to get a breast augmentation.

  10. kitty.hicks said :

    A truly responsible surgeon wouldnt do breast surgery while you are still in the process of losing weight. If you find one that will , he is simply money hungry.

  11. krisr22 said :

    i had one when i was 16 – i was a d and went to a c – (i’m short)
    i gained weight when i went away to college, and where do the think the first place i gained it was?? thats right, the boobs! so now i’m back to a d i recomend that u have your body where u want it to be, let yourself settle into that weight for a while, and then do it. $$ issues and the wedding are secondary here, bcause u dont want to have major surgury and then end up having to do it again. maybe u should even have your kids first – something to think about!

  12. Chiquita B said :

    Hmmm…Interesting. Well I would advice after you are done loosing all the weight you want. My Mom had the same dilemma, she is going to get breast reduction when she is done loosing weight. The plastic surgeon adviced her to do so. But she is not getting married =0P
    So I would say loose other 15 pounds and then get the breast reduction, so that when you loose the rest of the weight you breast don’t sag a lot and take advantage of your deductible. Remember when one looses weight one’s breasts tend to sag and the shape turns slightly different.
    I think loosing a bit more weight is the middle ground, between deductible, wedding, healing and looks.
    Congratulations for your future wedding and surgery.
    Keep me posted.

    Take Care,

  13. jenn87 said :

    Yes! Lose the weight first. Then decide if you still need the reduction. If you still do after you have lost the weight it should be an easier procedure and faster recovery.

  14. KittyKat said :

    I would consult a plastic surgeon first. Also, if you wait until after you lose your weight, the insurance deductible may not apply. Now you can have it done for “medical reasons” (back aches)–if you wait they may deny your claim claiming it’s just a cosmetic procedure.

    While there is some benefit to waiting, in your situation you may want to go ahead. Definitely talk to surgeon to see if they recommend going to C at this point.

  15. jidwg said :

    If you have the reduction now and lose 30 more pounds,then the nice firm breasts you had after the surgery will be looser and possibly droop more so it is up to you. Would you rather look more svelte in your wedding dress and save the deductible money or have the surgery now and speed up the effects of gravity that otherwise may have taken several years? Also consider this, if you plan to have children and have any desire to breast feed, the breast reduction will probably prevent this. If this is not a problem for you then go ahead with the surgery now to relieve the strain on your back and shoulders and having a sleeker outward appearance may be more incentive to keep up the weight loss.

  16. night magic said :

    First of all,how much weight have you lost up top? You do lose weight
    all over but that is alot of breast you have.And if you do lose weight up
    there i dont think it would be that much.I would talk to a DR. about this
    soon.Dont go through it just because you have Health Ins,to use up.
    Do it for the right reason’s.Are you having back problems!!! Have you talk
    this over with your husband to be.How does he feel or think? I’m only a C
    and at times that to much,HA HA I watch 90120 on TV and they have alot of plastic surgery.I think how do those women do it.Good Luck!!!!!

  17. Charley G said :

    Try loosing a bit of weight first. I find that if i put on a few pounds it goes straight to my chest and when I loose it thats the first place it comes off! (not that I have lost any for a while SNIFF!)
    Good luck

  18. carol p said :

    its best to lose the weight first as you may lose some from your breasts as well and you may find you not longer need the reduction

  19. Cindy said :

    Schedule your surgery towards the end of the year, and work on losing as much weight as you can until then. I admire you–wish I was that disciplined!

  20. queenbee said :

    def lose the weight first…..ur not going to get married til a year from now so lose it now cuz if u dont ur not going to be happy with the results….trust me or having that breast reduction lets just say u do end up losing more weight well ur c is going to go to a A cuz that is fat tissue and when u lose weight ur boobs do to so hurry up with the weight get where u want to be then do all the surgery and stuff cuz u might have some hanging skin from the weight loss too so they can go ahead and fix u right up at the same time:)

  21. jl88845 said :

    My friends wants to do this also. Her doctor told her to lose the weight first because when she loses all the weight that she wants to she might not have to get a reduction because she might be able to do it naturally.

  22. krissy_pod said :

    You should lose the extra weight first because losing the weight is gonna make your breasts smaller and you might be comfy with that size.

  23. lsteward01 said :

    If you are a 42DD, what is your waist size? If you go to a C and you are used to your size now, you may be very unhappy with your decision. I would definately lose all of your weight first. Your breast size will decrease with weight loss and you may decide on a reduction to a different size. Don’t forget to research how other ppl felt after their surgery. And this surgery leaves you with some noticeable scars, of course not ones that ppl will see while you are dressed, but could still lead to some self consciousness. Also, I would wait until after you lose weight to make sure you can keep it off. If you lose your weight and have the surgery, then gain weight again, your breast size will increase. I’ve seen that happen. If you’re getting married, are children in your future? Breast size most definately increases with pregnancy. Will this surgery affect breast feeding? Just remember this is a permanent thing. Make sure you’re going to be happy with the outcome of your decision. You’ll save money now, but you might be happier later.

    ps-don’t listen to the guy about sending your picture. He may have studied real and plastic breasts, but not plastic surgery.

  24. andy s said :

    Get breast reduction surgery done in India. Cosmetic Surgery is very cheap in India. There is one company that is very famous in India that arranges cosmetic surgery for foreigners in India. They are called the Forerunners Healthcare. I read a lot about them in the Newspapers and about their patient stories.

    I have also read that they arrange financing for American and Canadian patients, as cosmetic surgery is not covered by insurance. They also have photos pasted of their International patients. You can checkout their website. The cost savings are incredible. As a doctor I personally believe that your cosmetic surgery can be easily handled in India, as the quality of healthcare available here is simply best in the world. The surgeons are USA/UK trained and facilities are 5 star.

    My cousin got a couple of cosmetic surgery procedures in India like the breast reduction, tummy tuck and facelift through the forerunners healthcare. She is more than very happy with the results. She just paid 30% of the amount she was quoted in USA and is all praise for this forerunners healthcare company. I personally have seen the wonderful results and am particularly impressed with the kind of quality care she got from this company. I hope this helps.

  25. leo readylove said :

    why the hell you distroy them!!!! any one does not like the water melons????I do not advice you to do any surgery to them you might have cancer in the future…………[email protected]

  26. carrie said :

    My sister had a reduction and they wouldnt do it till she had lost weight. Its much safer to lose it before you go under the anisthetic. Good luck she says itsthe best thing she’s ever done. If I had the bottle I would get it done too!

  27. snowball666 said :

    yes lose weight 1st has you will lose half of your boobs if you are big like me

  28. Tyra said :

    Well, i have a problem too. I am a 52G and im not getting reduction because it’s too expensive. So ya try and loose the weight.

  29. jez said :

    yes defo

  30. lesley i said :

    from personal experience and friends who have had it done. they highly reconmend that you lose some weight before, because you may lose some from your breasts. then they will have a true size and shape to work with. good luck. i believe there may be a long waiting list depending where you live.


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