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How do I lose weight easily over the summer while still having fun?

Next year, I start high school, and I want to change myself completely, and losing weight is one of the most important things on the list, so I was wondering if anyone had any tips and things i can do to lose weight over the summer? Thank you in advance, I will pick the answer that helps me the most. Thanks(:

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6 Responses to “How do I lose weight easily over the summer while still having fun?”

  1. Mr Ed said :

    Cut down to 5 cheeseburgers a day instead of 10.

  2. Lucky4Realzz said :

    Play outside sports with friends like basketball, baseball, soccer, ect.
    Go swimming, hiking, biking.
    Eat Right, don’t eat junk, and don’t drink soda.

  3. hillary said :

    omg, i start high school next year too and this is what i wanted to know too! i googled this question and got this. sorry i didnt really answer your question but in health i learned that if you lift weights and gain muscle your metabilism gets bigger so your food will be stored at muscle not fat(: i know i didnt help much but gooood luck;)

  4. Loseweight Coachwatz said :

    Try portion control. This means just eating half of the whole food item. By doing do, you definitely can lose weight.Or for easier and less demanding weight loss plan and for a long term result, try the Body Renovator.

  5. Poh K said :

    Keep a food diary – Whether it is checked by your trainer or not logging the foods you eat will help you keep your diet in check. I would recommend getting a trainer at your local gym to check up on your food diary and recommend any swaps you could make. Try lowering the amount of processed foods and if eating out try eating as healthy as possible.

  6. Jenna Summers said :

    Enjoy your summer and get outside! Go for a walk in the cool of the morning before you eat anything. Evening, too, if you can. Ride bike. Swim. Hike.

    Eliminate fatty, sugary foods and refined carbs (breads, pasta). Eat fresh fruits, veggies, and get lean protein.

    You can also get FREE daily workouts online if you have internet and a computer. They are live streaming workouts (first of its kind on the net) for men, women, and teens. Nothing to sign up for, no memberships. Just start watching.

    Best of luck to you and enjoy school when you go back!


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