Losing weight with water??

I’ve heard by many people that if you want to get skinny relatively quickly and healthy, drinking water is the best way to do it. I just wanted to know things like how much water and does that really work. Because i have this stubborn little pudge thing at the bottom of my stomach and it seems like everytime i loose weight it gets smaller but still sticks out. will doing the water diet give me a flat stomach or am i stuck with the pudge?? Also, I’m afraid the first place my weight will drop is in the bust, and lets just say i can’t afford to loose any of that! haha any answers will be very appreciated! thnx =D

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4 Responses to “Losing weight with water??”

  1. Adam K said:

    Well if it’s an all water diet, that’s gonna be bad for your body. However if you are talking about cutting back on eating and drinking more water that might be the right thing to do. Sometimes people eat when they believe they are hungry, but hunger can also be caused by lack of water. So, if you’re feeling a little hungry drink some water. If that hungry feeling doesn’t go away you should probably go eat something. You could also try switching from three large meals a day to six smaller ones.

  2. Jack of Diamonds said:

    No. the water will not help you lose weight. Doing that will starve your body of the nutrients you need and the only real weight difference you will see is when you use the restroom and you empty your body of lots of water.

    In order to lose that small little pudge [although i’m not complete sure about what it is o_0] you should consider doing some running, equivalent to that of long distance runners. This will help you lean up and the body fat will drop and your muscles will get more toned and you will be getting stronger, but your overall body will not change [like get super bulky or anything]

    I assume that the pudge is something along the lines of a fat deposit, so just make sure to run and then it will go away. You should also do core workouts [no… not just abs and situps that won’t do anything]. Consider using a swiss ball or something of the sort.

  3. *Gymfreak* said:

    no no no!! dont do the water diet because ive just read a story of someone drinking too much water and they died from it….. i think the main thing is, i know this is a tad cliche, but eat healthily try and hav slightly less then you normally woul at each meal if you want to lose weight but if you already have a healthy diet the best thing is to do some toning stomach exercises…look some up on the web and maybe do them every other morning?
    also a good diet tip is to make sure things are put away…if there out on the side youll be tempted!
    hope this helps

  4. BravoBear said:

    It’s impossible to target fat lose to a specific part of the body, meaning stomach versus legs, versus bust, etc. As for the water diet, not sure which one you read but drinking water instead of soda, beer, etc can cut out hundreds of calories a day from a diet (depending on how much you consume obviously) and taking down a glass before lunch and dinner can help curb your appetite for the meal. If you are doing cardio though, which you should be, don’t over drink water cause you can drain your body of other nutrients, sodium and potassium being the main ones, which will kill your cardio workout. Keep a bottle with you, sip it throughout the day and you should be fine.

    Edit: Gymfreak, the person that died from water was a contestant for who could drink the most water without using the bathroom, and yes they did die from water poisoning. But for a general everyday workout person its not a real worry. The main people that have trouble with it marathoners, and other huge cardio entensive people, who take down water without supplementing gatorade, salt chews, etc and run their bodies out of other nutrients.


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