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How do you motivate yourself to lose weight?

Im not a overweight or anything, I just want to tone up. Im 14 and weigh 113 lbs. Exercising isn’t the problem though, its eating healthy thats hard. Its not fun! Today I’ve had Captain Crunch, a popsicle, a grilled cheese sandwich, and teddy grams =l which is just extra calories and no nutrition. So, my question is, if you are trying to lose weight or already have, how did you motivate yourself?

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6 Responses to “How do you motivate yourself to lose weight?”

  1. nvscorpio said :

    well eating healthy might seem hard but its really not, the food is actually good, just eat meats and salads. I know some people are gonna tell you not to listen to me but f*** them =} it’ll help because your not trying to lose weight your trying to gain muscle. good luck

  2. ♫ I ♥ TOM 丰 4 LIFE ♫ ϊŧи€vërєиdɀ said :

    Im 13 too and weight sooo much more! 125 or 126. But i am tall.
    Im not overweight or anything either.
    I wanna loose some pounds though cuz w the whole thing of summer and stuff i’ve gained a few pounds!
    Im trying to cut down on un-healthy food. I happen to have an addiction for Pops!!!!
    Im going to the park and walking like an hour every day.
    I also do ummm… whatchamacallit??? “jump rope”?
    Im also trying to only eat:
    Brekfat, Lunch, a snack (round 4), then Dinner.
    It helps a lot to eat only the necessary meals and at the right time.

    OMG i jst sounded all dctor-like right there!!! HeHe!

    I encourage myself to do this by thinking how better i’ll look in a bikini!
    And also cuz i like to feel good with myself.

    Edit: Dont do no pill thing. It’s not good at our age.
    Like i always say: “If u want something u gotta earn it by working on it… No matter how much sweat it costs u!”
    It might not sound like a lot of fun at first but it pays off!

  3. David said :

    Motivation is the greatest factor in losing weight. I suggest few ways to motivate yourself.

    1. Imagine how you look and feel if you have the ideal figure and weight, how energetic you can be, and how much more attractive you can be.. On the other hand, imagine how bad if you start to become overweight, like how lousy to look in the mirror, how you feel not being attractive, etc etc. Both imagination techniques above will motivate you to lose weight, and prevent you from overeating.

    2. Join a social network dedicated to fitness and weight loss. The people in the network will support and motivate you to achieve your goals.

    By the way, aerobic (cardio) exercise is the best way to tone up muscles. You can make your exercise more fun and interesting. Read the blog below for more details.

  4. bowtrol said :

    i wanna be healthy, becouse obesity causes much dieses like cholesterol and i am not free to move.

  5. kol. said :

    be a vegatarian

  6. Decimate the weak said :

    Back in October I decided I had to lose weight. The first week was the hardest ever, I was craving fast food and a whole lot of other junk. What motivated me, was I told everyone I was going to lose weight. So everybody knew what I was trying to do, and if I gave up, I know they would be dissapointed in me, that’s what kept me motivated for 3 months and I lost 30 pounds.


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